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Cartoon Drawing as a CAREERS

Let’s Know about cartoon drawing .Today. I ll be talking about the career opportunities in BA, drawing and painting A degree in drawing and painting might not be as tough as a degree in or other technical degrees available. In the country now, But the truth is a degree in drawing and painting will help you get in touch with the more creative side in yourself.

Some people do not worry about money as much as others. There is no direct relation, but it is often said. Painters and artists are some of the most humble people in the world. You might not believe this, but it is often said that these people are the most connected with the society they live in and the environment. They occupy A Bachelors of Art degree in drawing and painting might not sound lucrative for many, but for those who chose this field, it can be quite rewarding. You cannot believe the number of jobs that have augmented in the last few years in this field.

There is the animation industry now and the never ending marketing industry too. A BA degree in drawing and painting can be a great stepping stone in your progress to becoming a great fashion. Designer Some sceptics argue the need for a degree in this field, but the truth is that there is much to learn in this field and therefore the need for the degree You can find jobs as an illustrator. For many magazines and newspapers There is no shortage of jobs in this field, With more and more people choosing the technical degrees. There is a good demand for people with degree in drawing and painting. There are options in many museums and private collections available for graduates with degree in drawing and painting These jobs may include restoration of valuable pieces of art, so a great reference is always a mandatory. You can work as teacher in many prestigious Art schools in the country. The work of a teacher is not seen as a lucrative job opportunity, but the truth is: it is one of the most rewarding jobs available in the market. There is a serious growth in the animation industry, too.


This helps you find jobs in the field of drawing and painting much easier than before. The animation industry has been on a rise in India, and this obviously entails a serious increase in the number of jobs. These days, animation is done using computers, but there are quite a few animation houses which do it the traditional way by handcrafting each individual frame. You can find a lucrative job in the advertising segment too, and there are quite a few positions you might apply to

You can apply as an illustrator or as a commercial artist. The choices are laid in front of you. Now it is your turn to choose the field of work closest to your heart.

February 24, 2021

How to Start an Online Business

– If you’re reading this topic, it’s probably because you’re thinking about starting your own business, or maybe you’re not thinking about it, maybe you know you want to start your own business and you’re just not sure exactly what you need to do. So, I’m going to walk you through the eight steps that you need to follow in order to start your own business this year. Now before we even get to the first step, here’s what I want you to know. It’s better for you to start your business even if you’re not 100% confident that it’s the best idea or that’s it’s going to work out.

Its better start for a few reasons. First of all, the experience  you get from starting your own business is going to be invaluable, Whether the business succeeds or even if the business fails, you’re going to learn so much And then second, because if you don’t start, it you’re always going to be asking yourself What, if What if you have started that business, What sort of opportunities would  it have opened up for you? What will the experience have been like? So don’t have any regrets start your own business this year by following these eight easy steps In order to start your own business. The very first thing you need to do is just to decide what business you’re going to start Now. Maybe you’ve already done this, in which case you can skip ahead to the next step. But if you haven’t done it, then you might be in one of two different situations:

Maybe you’re just having trouble deciding between a few ideas that you have You’re, not sure which one would really be the best. If that’s the case, then check out this video right here for some advice on how to decide what business to start. On the other hand, if your problem is that you don’t have a good idea, then check out this video right here for some inspiration As you’re trying to decide what business to start. The main thing that you need to keep in mind is that it’s better to get started. Even if you don’t choose the perfect idea.

A few months from now you will be a few months into the process of building your business And you’ll be able to much better determine whether or not it is the right idea. At that point, you can always decide to stop building that business and pursue a different idea instead or you might have found the perfect business idea and be well on your way to turning it into a success, But either way by getting started sooner. You’Ll start making a lot of more progress than if you wait until you maybe some day find the perfect idea. Once you’ve decided what type of business you want to start, then the next thing you need to do is create a business plan. Many people start businesses without any sort of plan whatsoever, but your business is much more likely to succeed. If you start with a plan Writing your plan doesn’t have to take a whole lot of time, but will have a big impact If you’re not quite sure what your business plan should say or should include. Then here are a couple tips.

First of all, there are loads of free templates online that can get you started Also, every single month I host a free profit planning challenge that guides you step by step through the process of creating a profit plan for your business and a profit plan is just A specific type of business plan that is focused around how your business makes money and can really guide you in the process of building the business to increase your profits. However, you decide to go through the process of writing your business plan. Just remember that it doesn’t need to be war and peace. Your business plan can be short and sweet. Any plan is better than no plan at all and you’re actually going to be much more likely to finish your business plan and follow it. If it’s not too long Step number three is market research,

So I know this might sound a little bit complex, but it’s really simple. You just need to find some perspective customers and talk to them about the product that you’re considering creating or the service that you’re considering offering. Now. I also know that this might seem a little bit overwhelming difficult uncomfortable, and so you might think you’ll just skip this step, But please don’t do that because you need to find people to buy your product, whether you find them now or you find them after you Create the product and start the business, But if you find them now, then you’ll be able to start your business with a lot more confidence and it’ll be much more likely that your business will succeed. If you can’t find people that will buy your product, then your business isn’t going to make any money. So you need to find these people at some point And if you do it now, then you’ll be able to talk to them ahead of time and learn what they like about your product, what they don’t like about it, so that you can make it as good As possible and your business can be as successful as possible later on

Once you’ve done your market research and you’ve gotten some clear feedback from your perspective customers, then you can proceed to actually develop your product Now, depending on what type of product you’re creating this process will look very different Because on the one had you might be creating Some sort of physical product – And in that case you need to design the product and then you’ll need to have a prototype created and then probably a series of subsequent prototypes before you finally have the finished product and you have it produced in mass

On the other hand, if you’re creating a digital product like an online course, then you would need to plan out the course and then film the lessons for the course write, materials create worksheets and so on. And finally, if you are starting a service-based business, where you’re going to be providing a service to your customers, then you need to plan how your service is going to work. You need to develop service packages and figure out how you’re actually going to provide this service to your customers.

Step number five is to create a website for your business. Now, I’m not going to say a whole lot about this because I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of Squarespace commercials at this point And while I’m not sponsored by Squarespace, it really is as easy as they claim. Squarespace is a great option and there are options you can consider as well, such as Wix or Weebly. Most of them make the entire process of setting up your website really easy. You also could consider building your website with WordPress, which can create great results, but just be prepared to invest a lot more time into the process and especially into the process of learning how WordPress works. If you wan na go that route,

Once your website is up and running it’s time to start marketing your product, because you are ready to start making sales Now marketing is an absolutely essential part of the process because, unlike it’s commonly said, if you build a better mousetrap, the world will not beat a Path to your door, You have to get out there. You have to tell people about your business and about your product, or else they won’t know. It exists.


And if they don’t know it exists, they can’t buy it. So how do you market your business? Well, if you have plenty of time, but not very much money, then you might consider using networking or some type of content marketing Content. Marketing is just where you make videos or write articles They’re helpful to your customer to attract the people who will be interested in your product.

On the other hand, if you have a budget but you’re short on time, then instead you’ll want to look into paid advertising or maybe consider outsourcing the marketing of your business. Once your marketing starts really working, then you’ll start making sales and you’ll have customers that you need to serve. This is the seventh part of the process of building your business, and this is where things really start running. You have to move into the role of your business, that is the CEO of the business where you’re running the company You’re not just building a company from the ground up anymore. You have to show up for those customers week after week and deliver to them that product or service that they’ve purchased

Depending on what your business sells, this is gon na look pretty different. For example, if you are selling a physical product, then you’re going to need to continue to manufacture that product you’re going to need to ship the product out to your customers, and you might have to do some tech work to fix problems with the product. On the other hand, if you’re selling a digital product like a course like I mentioned before, then your work of serving your customers might all build down to just answering their questions about the product that you’re selling to them. And finally, if you start a service business, then you’re going to have to show up for your customers week after week and provide that service to them. So this is a very important thing to consider when right now, you are the very beginning stages of starting your business, because I’m assuming you haven’t been following along with these steps as you’ve been watching the video and you’re probably still at that very beginning phase of Deciding what business to start and just getting it off the ground?

So right now you can think about what kind of work you want to do later on. Do you want to be working with customers day after day after day, or do you wan na be able to sit behind your computer and answer their questions and help them out in that way? Or do you want to be shipping products every single week? Thats something you need to think about now, because in the future, that’s what running your business is really going to look like At this point in the process of your business will be up and running, and the final piece of the puzzle is really growing your team, so That you can scale your company In order to serve more customers, you’re going to need more help, So you’re going to need to hire some people to serve those customers and to run your business for you. Maybe you’ll hire customer service specialists. Maybe you’ll hire more people to actually create the product for you or maybe you’ll hire people to run other administrative parts of your business or to market your business for you to get more customers.

Of course, you might choose to not hire anyone at all. You might wan na keep things simple: keep your company small and remain a solopreneur forever and that’s totally fine. It’S a decision. You’Ll have to make at some point, though, All right, that’s pretty much all there is to it Follow those eight simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to building a successful, profitable business. Now, of course, it goes without saying that, even though these steps are pretty simple, they all do require a fair amount of work. You can expect to invest at least several weeks, if not several months, into the process of getting your business up and running and making money. So my biggest piece of advice for you as you’re getting this new venture off the ground, is to commit to being in it for the long haul from the very beginning. If you are impatient – and you don’t properly anticipate how long this whole process is going to take, then you’re, probably going to give up before you make your first dollar

You need to understand that this process takes time. It takes work and you need to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally and even physically from the very beginning. If you aren’t ready, then all of the different things that you need to do and the different things that hit you along the way are really gon na, throw you off track and your business might fail before it even gets off the ground. But I know you can do it If you really wan na start your own business then just know it’s not all that complicated Anyone can do it if they put their mind to it and they’re willing to do the work, If you’re really serious about starting your Own business, then I’d love to tell you a little bit about Startup Society.

February 20, 2021

How do you price your SEO Services? SEO Pricing Model

So I want to talk about how do you price SEO services? Now, I have tried selling SEO services in the past and I think I have made a few mistakes. I have always tried selling SEO as a monthly retainer package at the fixed cost say $500 a month or $2000 a month. But over the last couple of days, I have been giving it a second thought because I have not been happy with the way things are priced. It just did not make sense to me because SEO realistically when you get down to a project, initially, upfront there is a lot more work than when there is, when you set things up and you got a process in place. But the first few months always there is a lot more planning, there is a lot more brainstorming, there is a lot more strategic direction that you need to set for you, your team for the client, you need a lot more research architecture, analysis, keyword page mapping etc.

So, there is a lot more work that is required upfront. So, I don’t know how many of you are doing this but I think SEO should be priced in two components. Initially, the first, so like what I have decided to map out a pricing strategy is like the first 3 months there will be an initial upfront investment which will be, for an example, we have a basic plan in which the initial upfront investment is $4000 which covers the first 3 months of work and then subsequently for the remainder of the 9 months of the contract it would monthly, say $500 or $750, or whatever pricing you might decide. But the idea that I am trying to sell out here is, I think when you are selling to clients, you have to communicate not only the value of SEO, that’s a given, you got to communicate that SEO does take time and you need to educate them on the potential ROI upside of how much they could gain from standing to rank for the terms that they are looking to rank for.

But you have to communicate that the pricing, if you force yourself into pricing it that way you’re going to be forced to also tell them why there is an initial upfront investment. And that I think, will be an easier way to sell because SEO does take time and the time that you have put in upfront, the thought process. If you actually list out all the things you need to do upfront and share with them, that okay I need to do a keyword research, I need to go through entire site, come up with a good plan for your site architecture. I think when you talk through all of them in layman’s language and make them think and make them realize that there is a lot of time and effort that goes upfront and that justifies the upfront costs, it makes more sense for you because you are incentivized to also close the deal and you are not unhappy like I use to be in the past that we close deals for nominal monthly amounts.


But if a client did not go through on the full 12 months contract, we would end up may be losing some money because we actually put in a lot more time initially. So, I think if you price my idea of at least pricing SEO services should be that you should have initial upfront investment and then subsequently break down into monthly, a monthly retainer which could be any amount that you choose depending on the level of service that you offer. So, yes that’s just my thought and I think SEO can be better sold and you are forced to justify the investments upfront because you’re going to have to communicate what you are doing, why you are doing it and actually makes you incentivize enough to actually spend a lot more time upfront because if SEO is well planned well thought out, well strategized, you are going to do much better job and if you get that much more money going to drive you to perform better.

So, yeah so that’s my thought process of how you should price SEO proposals – initial upfront investment and then subsequent monthly pricing, that’s something you should consider for your future client deals. I would also love to hear from you guys out there how do you price SEO services? Leave your comments out here. I’d love to know what works for you, what hasn’t for you because this is something that many people get wrong so I would love to know from your experience work what’s worked well for you and we all can learn from each other..

February 18, 2021

How To Write a Business Plan To Start Your Own Business

Welcome to How To Write a Business Plan To Start Your Own business. If you’re thinking of starting a business, you should know how to write a business plan. It is usually observed that, despite having a great startup idea, most businesses are not successful. According to common statistics, within the first five years of operations, ninety percent of businesses fail and of the remaining ten percent only one of the ten businesses last past, the first five years. So what makes some businesses fail while others prosper?

There may be several reasons, including, but not limited to or customer service, poor logistics and cost management and inadequate product. But the major reason is the lack of a business plan. Business plans help define goals and achieve them. If you take out time to set concrete but achievable goals and chart a plan to success, it can help you realize your dream and make your business flourish. I have compiled an all-inclusive list of areas that need to be considered while writing a business plan. These will help you in defining your goals and the path your business needs to take to achieve them.

Step. 1. Defying your vision when you start a business, you have a clear goal in mind. You know exactly what you wish to achieve with your business. However, after some time, the clarity of your vision will become blurred and you’ll. Forget some of your brilliant ideas. Writing down your vision for the company will help you to define it and, moreover, it will help your staff identify with the mission. All daily activities of the business can then be aligned with your vision for the business. This should be the first step of writing a business plan,

Step 2, set your goals and objectives for the business, never assume that your goals need to be small to accommodate your limitations. Think big clearly define your short-term goals, the ones that you wish to achieve within 12 months, mid term goals, those that will take between two to three years and long-term goals consider all aspects such as the revenue you wish to generate number of i’ll. Let you on the number of customers you need in your database, the target population and age groups, as well as the amount of passive income that needs to be generated in future.

Step 3, define your unique selling proposition. What is it about you? That is different from the crowd. Your unique selling point or USP will make you more attractive to potential customers. I was your product or service different from others in the parkin. It could be anything from additional services to personalized customer service. You can even offer them better. After sales warranty and support, while writing a business plan, you just need to highlight the extras that your customers are getting from you to make your business stand out.

Step 4 know your market. It often happens that you have a brilliant idea, but someone else has already started a business with a similar plan. This is a very common occurs, but you should not let this start how many petrol stations are there. Several businesses can provide the same service and still survive as the market place is huge and it can sustain multiple businesses. But for this you should know your market like the back of your hand, research and find out how many competitors you have what services they offer. What are the current and future trends of the industry? No, the larger picture. Are there certain benchmarks that can be used to gauge your business performance, such as gross turnover, profit margins, etc? Once you know the inner workings of the market, you can manipulate them in your favor. This is an important part of learning how to write a business plan.

Step 5 know your customer. This goes without saying. Customers are the most important part of any business and you should know the customers your business caters to today. Customers are spoiled for choice and they have thousands of options for every product. So if you want them to buy your product, you should know what your ideal customer ones. This is the reason why you need to define your target populations and research their habits. While writing a business plan. Understanding the motivation behind customers actions can make your business successful. You can focus on the areas that grab your customers interests and stop wasting energy on the rest, put yourself in their shoes and then think what would make them choose you each time write down the ideas and implement them

Step. 6 research, the demand for your business. You must have studied the demand and supply curve. Even if you have it, it stands to logic that there should be ample demand for your product find out the demands before investing in a new business. The basic rule is, the man should be more than supply. If this holds true for your market, your business will thrive, but if the demand is less than the supply, your business will eventually die out. So do your homework and gather as much information as you can. You can do a secondary search right from your home over the internet or your Public Library. You can even visit government offices for this information, but by far the best option is primary research, for you directly interact with your target audience to know their preferences and how ready they are to buy your product so hit the road and note down all the interesting Ideas you get to increase the demand, be smart and invest your life savings only after ascertaining that there is a demand for your product

Step 7 set your marketing goals, so you have finished the research and define your business vision. The next step. In writing. A business plan is setting out marketing goals these for those goals that define how your product would look like what it will cost, how you distribute it and the ways in which you can promote it. Most businesses do plan this, but they neglect the most important areas. You should set up measurable marketing goals that will help achieve your primary business objectives. Questions like the number of products yourself. What will be your product development strategy, your price margins, delivery methods and promotion plan should be duly considered. When you ask yourself these questions, they will help to find the goals for marketing your business

Step 8. Define your marketing strategy. Now that you have your marketing goals, you need a plan to achieve them. How many products you need to produce himself and at what profit margin so as to get your desired revenue? What will be your system of delivery and your coverage area? What will be the strategies to promote your business? The media that you will use be very specific, as these will translate to action and your ultimate success or failure plan for every venture ality, while writing a business plan. This is a very vital step of writing a business plan so acquaint yourself with it so that you can easily navigate through each


Step 9 take action and, of course, without action, all else is a waste. This is the most important part of writing a business plan. You can plan all you want, but unless you do the actual work and bring customers to your storefront, you won’t earn anything. Even if you find that, according to the business plan, your idea isn’t viable, don’t give up. There are thousands of other ideas out there and you can ultimately find one that suits you. If you wish to be wealthy, healthy and happy, there is a business waiting for you to grab your business plan will provide the direction and focus, but you will need to take the first step. Writing a business plan isn’t difficult. If you know what you should focus on, you now have an idea of what is important and how you should tackle the task of writing a business plan, and you are now better equipped to start a successful business start. Your research today jot down all those brilliant ideas, set your goals, the find a path and don’t let anyone stop you now. You know how to write a business plan and the manager for success is in your hands, make the best of it. Yeah yeah, yeah,

February 16, 2021

Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

We’Re talking about how to hire a Virtual Assistant here , As a busy web professional you’re, probably gon na, get to a point where you probably need to outsource some of the work in order to scale and grow your business right. You want to be large and in charge and on top of the world, but A hero, The hero, if you will, but you can’t be a hero alone And you might not need to hire someone full time, might not even have the finances for it, But a Virtual Assistant or a VA is a great way to do that. Where you have someone come in and do things part-time, Because just because you can do this task that task every task doesn’t mean that you should do it Yeah. I know it’s super hard to give ownership to someone else that you think you can do it the best right And you probably can

But if they can do it to a point where it’s at least 80 % of the quality of your work, you can focus on running your business versus working. Your business That’s crucial if you want to scale, Delegate, delegate, delegate, Delegate, delegate delegate, So I know one thing that I struggle with is just deciding. How do I know how do I know I’m ready for a virtual assistant. Do I need one yet And I think that can be difficult sometimes because, like you mentioned, I wan na handle all these tasks, because I know how to do it. I feel like I’m gon na, do the best job, But there are some great examples. I know my friend who’s a photographer where she does a lot of the shoot plans. Does the shoot? Does the shoot does a lot of editing, But for some of the editing in the retouching virtual Assistant, hand that over Yeah, I think the answer is for the most of you is right now, There’s lots of tasks that we are doing, but should we do like The administrative tasks that we’re doing repetitively

Yeah Those easier tasks where you can make sense to hand it off, so you can focus on those high value tasks like running your business thinking about growth strategies, marketing all these different things and pass off some work to your Virtual Assistant. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to hiring a virtual Assistant: They are not magicians, unlike Nealey, and I they can’t read your mind. So you need to be really clear about what you need done. What is that that you need help with Yeah? So I have a really good friend Carol with Rady WP and she has a Virtual Assistant And she gave me some pro tips when it comes to basically doing just this. The pre-work before actually hiring and using a VA

And that is basically start writing out all the tasks that you do throughout the day as mundane as it sounds, it helps basically to understand where you’re spending a lot of your time where you can kind of divvy up and assign out to that VA.. That’S good plan, If you notice you’re doing a bunch of tasks that are pretty simple but you’re constantly doing it. It’S a good chance. If VA, can do that, for you And, like you said, they’re, not magicians. You have to be very, very specific about the task that you give them Don’t just say: set up a dinner reservation in Midtown New York right Around 7:00 p.m and 8:00 p.m. What if What type of food do you like? What, if they’re, not open, Or what about all these different variables that they may not know be specific? With your asks, And I like your point about thinking, how do I spend my day, which is always just a good check in general?

How do you spend the day? How do you like? What are you doing? That was a question I wan na know. Well, you know start off my day with some emails, which I noticed with our email that they recently are sending an analytics to show you how you’re spending your time, Which has been helpful, because I didn’t realize how much time I was spending with correspondence on email. So that would be for me like. Oh my God, this is a big chunk of my day And some of it is pretty mindless. So I could delegate that to someone else and get the time back to put my brainpower and creative juices elsewhere to be more productive. Let’S talk about where to actually find a VA right Yeah. So I think the obvious answer is Google just search find VA on Google, But before we do that, I think it’s important to really connect with your network. Is there anyone that you know doing the similar work that you can hire right there There’s something goes a long way with that, like in person connection, Yes, Really getting your point across versus just hiring online


So if you’ve exhausted your resources, you’ve asked around. I asked Nealey, didn’t work and therefore no assistant, so I got ta go online. You can go to sites like udyamjob, Upwork and People By Hour to find a potential VA for you Yeah. Those are awesome sources. They specialize in hiring people in impoverished places around the world that helps support better their lives, support their families, helping their local economy. If you wan na kind of give back and feel better about hiring someone online and also helping out

So now I wanna talk about how to narrow down the field. One way to look at this is value your time and value their time. This is both important in order to get to the right candidate. Also, don’t be cheap Right, you get what you pay for. You also wan na kind of think of the tasks that you’re going to be giving that person. If they’re more complicated tasks that require experience or certain skills, you probably have to pay a little bit more to get the quality that you’re looking for Now, if they’re less mundane tasks, that’s like checking, email or setting appointments things like that. You don’t need someone as qualified, so that might be a little bit less, but at the end of the day you get what you pay for, Don’t go just for the cheapest option, go for the one that makes sense for your business.

So now you narrow down the search and you’re, probably wondering how do I hire this VA. Definitely recommend you get those two to three strong candidates Give them a task. Have them do the same task and see how they compare across the board Yeah and going with your friend with the photographer right? If that were me, and I was seeing their kind of touch up skills, I would give them the same photo with my specific requirements and then see what they do and then use that as part of their resume of their skill set to see if they meet. My requirements, If so you’re hired After you’ve hired a VA congrats

Be very clear with your expectations: that’s our pro tip. Remember they’re, not mind reader’s they’re, not magicians, So if they are checking your email, when are they doing it from 8:00 a.m, to 10:00 a.m? 8:00 a.m to 9:00 a.m. Be really clear about that. This also translates really well in your social life as well Couple other pro tips. I highly recommend recording little videos, whether it’s on basic tasks or things like that and use to do it. Just a quick little browser plugin That way, instead of just sending an email or call them on the phone, they have that to go back and look at if they get stuck or lost or if you end up getting a new VA, you don’t have to start That process all over

And then, lastly, if the VA, isn’t working out, they’re, just not completing the tasks on time or to your liking, Don’t be afraid to cut the cord Nothing’s personal, it’s just business. There are plenty of other VAs out there and they may be better suited for a different business owner All right, you’re ready to go hire your VA. I’M super excited for you. You’Re gon na get so much done and accomplished with your business.

February 14, 2021

Can I Learn SEO On My Own?

Whether you’re new to digital marketing or professional seeking ways to improve your skills, SEO classes are beneficial. This opportunity can work wonders on enhancing your career growth and attracting more customers. As technology continues to evolve and become mainstream, it is crucial to stay updated with the latest digital marketing strategies.

Fortunately, there are tons of online classes that feature informational SEO courses. These workshops aim to improve your natural skills and abilities in search engine optimization. It can be your way to discover your hidden talent potentials, such as writing for social media or working with press releases. On top of that, you will also have interactive group learning sessions with several people brainstorming together. Many professionals found it to be both enjoyable and helpful.

Can I Learn SEO On My Own?

Yes. If you are interested to learn more about search engine optimization, do not hesitate to participate in online SEO courses. These hands-on workshops will allow you to determine the full spectrum of strategies in a stress-free fashion. Once you applied for an online course, you will start from the beginning, such as the definition and process of Google algorithms. They will also teach you everything about link buildings and Google rankings.

Is It Worth It?

This opportunity is not a waste since it can boost your chances of getting a job with a higher salary. If you don’t know yet, online SEO courses will give you a certificate as proof that you have the necessary training for this field. For that reason, you will receive more clients and sales. Also, studying SEO techniques is cheaper than hiring a professional one. Your business will save more money in the long run since you have enough knowledge to run it on your own.

What Can I Learn From SEO Courses?

The top two topics that you will encounter in an online SEO workshop are about on-page and off-page optimizations. These lessons will teach you how to pass W3C compliance, make your website mobile-friendly, and boost its ranking in search engines. Besides that, you will also encounter some techniques in developing high-quality backlinks that can impress Google.


Learning about search engine optimization is a huge advantage against your competitors. This opportunity will deliver more successful and high rankings for your business. If you worry about your business’s presence and reputation in the virtual world, please don’t hesitate to make it better and participate in SEO workshops.

February 14, 2021

7 Ways to Get Authentic Followers on Instagram

Instagram Followers

With over one billion users, Instagram instantly became one of the useful marketing tools for both small businesses and big corporations. This platform can put a face to your brand without spending thousands of dollars. All you have to do is share photos and videos of your merchandise, and you’re good to go.

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However, building a massive amount of followers is not enough. It would be best if you still have a thoughtful and clear strategy for taking care of these accounts. If you wish to know the effective ways to get more authentic followers for free, check our exclusive discussion below.

7 Ways to Get Authentic Followers on Instagram

  1. Share engaging content

People love posts where they can relate. You can try by connecting your products to current events or the latest trend.

  1. Stick to a single aesthetic or theme

Posting photos with similar aesthetics makes your brand more recognizable. You can also showcase your lifestyle for this area and let your followers became familiar with it.

  1. Promote your account on other social media networks

Sharing your profile link on Twitter, Facebook, or other platforms can make your brand more discoverable.

  1. Keep your profile and bio well-detailed

Don’t forget to include your website, contact numbers, email, and other accounts on your bio if you want to receive more traffic. This way, users can quickly know your brand better.

  1. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are excellent tools to make your account visible to people with the same interests. However, don’t overuse them since you might look like a spambot.

  1. Tag your location

If you want to gain more customers in your area, always tag your location on every post.

  1. Post at the right time

It would be best if you have the right timing to get more followers. Make sure the users are active before publishing a post. This way, you can get more engagements.

February 14, 2021

8 Tips for Writing a Winning Resume

So you’re applying for a job Everything right now is going great. You’Ve entered your name in the first field and you’ve even spelled it correctly. But then you come to the next part, which says: please upload your resume. Oh, no, I don’t even have a resume. You think, And what’s worse you don’t even know how to properly write one. Fortunately at some point, your future self traveled back to the past and uploaded an entire video about how to write a resume full of amazing tips and tricks that are nearly guaranteed to help. You land that job.

I’m gonna be sharing some useful tips that you can use to craft a great resume and, along the way, we’re going to establish the five, maybe six, depending on who you are sections that should be on that resume. Before we go on, though, I do want to mention something important, There is no best way to craft a resume: Go online, looking for resume tips and you’re gonna find 18 billion differing opinions all from so-called resume experts. Why Well think about the purpose of a resume

A resume is a brief summary of your skills, your achievements and your experience and how those relate to the specific job or company that you’re applying to and the job of that resume, is to get your posterior into the chair across the desk from a hiring manager. So you can explain in further detail why you’re the best person to hire So your resume is essentially an advertisement and, as I’m sure, you’re well aware, advertisements come in all sorts of different forms. There’s no one perfect way to craft an advertisement that will work every single time So keep in mind you’re crafting an advertisement. There are definitely general best practices that you should follow, but nothing so specific as never have an objective statement or always hae. An objective statement is going to apply in every single case, and this means that there is no one way to craft a perfect resume.

There’s no perfect resume template. All you can do is seek to make yours great and to the end, let’s get into the tips and sections that you should have on yours All. Right first and most importantly, you’re gonna wanna have a section that lists your favorite anime Full-metal Alchemist Brotherhood and Space Dandy are great picks, but if you have Naruto as number one you’re probably dead in the water Wait, I read that wrong. Actually, the first section is gonna, be your name and contact information That actually makes more sense. So obviously this section should include your name and, if you’re submitting this resume directly to a company, it should also include your phone number in case. They want to call you directly for an interview, though. I will note that if you’re going to be posting your resume online somewhere publicly like on a personal website, I would leave the phone number off just so you don’t get spammed In addition to all those basics, you should also include a website and portfolio. If you can, I think this is really really important.

So believe it or not – I’ve been running my company for almost 10 years at this point, and I have hired several people during that time and every single time I’ve set up to hire somebody. The thing I’m most interested to see on applications is examples of completed work, and I am not alone in this desire, so use the rest of the tips that we’re gonna go through in just a second to craft your resume and make it shine as best As it can, but also give the hiring manager an option to go, look at a portfolio or some examples of the work that you’ve done if they so choose. That brings us to the next section on your resume, which I believe should usually be your work experience, And the first thing that I have to say about this section is that you should be putting your most relevant experience first, given the job that you’re applying, for Which means that you should be tailoring your resume to every single position you apply for

Yeah, it’s more work, but it is worth it Now for the people out there who already have established careers and who aren’t jumping into a completely new industry. Reverse chronological order usually achieves this, but this tip is very relevant for students and for new grads, because you often have great summer experience great internships things like that. But then you have to make ends meet during the semester and you flipped burgers and mowed lawns. But if you’re applying for a great job at a tech company – and you had a great tech internship last summer and then afterwards mowed lawns just to make some extra pocket money, you don’t want to put the lawn mowing first, because if I’m a tech recruiter, I’m Looking at your resume – and the first thing I see is lawn mowing experience, I’m probably gonna move on to the next resume. I’M not gonna look down further and see that you have great experience on your second item. That’s listed

The most important thing you can understand about your resume other than the fact that it is an advertisement is that recruiters don’t have a whole lot of time to look at it. You might put a lot of time into it. You might put all your work into crafting it and making it the best that you can, but when it gets to a recruiter’s desk, it’s probably in a stack of hundreds of others and according to an article put up by the a few years ago. The average resume only gets six seconds of attention before the recruiter makes a fit or no fit decision. So you want to make those six seconds count All right on to the next main tip. When you’re listing out your job, descriptions highlight achievements rather than duties, and if you can back up those achievements with numbers, The reality of the situation is that hiring managers are not that interested in what your duties were at your last job. What you were expected to do They’re a lot more interested in what you actually accomplished, especially if there are specifics involved.

So, for example, listing something like organized an introductory program attended by 3,500 incoming freshmen and helped book. Four professional speakers and workshop leaders work a lot better than just responsible for organizing introductory program for new freshman, And I will say for this tip in particular. You may want to into the description down below after watching the rest of the video, because I’ll be linking to my own resume, which has some great examples of using specifics and numbers in that work. Experience section, But of course there is one elephant in the room for many of you, which is the question. What if I don’t have any experience? Well, this is known as the experience paradox. Many jobs need you to have experience before they’ll hire you, but to get experience you need to have a job right Now, while the experience paradox is difficult to overcome, it is not impossible to overcome, and one thing I want to note here before I talk about My main tip related to it is that a lot of companies offer internships and when a company builds an internship program, they’re often looking for promising candidates that show a lot of potential, but maybe who don’t have a whole lot of industry experience. So, if that what you’re lacking then show some other qualities and you may get hired in those kinds of positions, but here’s my main tip

For many many fields out there, nobody has to give you permission for you to go and do work. That’sworth showing off on a resume Want to become a web developer. Well, then, spend a few weeks learning how to build a website or a web app. I your own time build it post it on the internet and list that, on your resume as work experience,

My friend Martin actually started working with me as a web developer and I hired him because he had to build a blog in his spare time and I knew that he knew word press design, PHP CSS, all the skills that I was looking for in a web developer. When I needed my website rebuilt That one is easy, though right. What, if you want to compose film scores? Well, get yourself a copy of Reaper, find some cheap or free virtual instruments and go rescore public domain movies that you can get on or ask a friend who’s a videographer. If you can score their work post, it online use that to get bigger and bigger gigs And what, if you want to be a doctor All right. Admittedly, that is a tough one and I’m not gon na sit here and pretend that you can get resume experience in literally any profession just by tinkering on a computer in your bedroom, because well you can’t Some professions out. There are just ore gate-kept than others, and many require experience with equipment that you just cannot get on your own


But there are still things that you can do to stand out, For example, my friend Ryan, back when he was a pre-med volunteered for an organization called Doctors Without Walls And due to his experience with that organization, he was able to put together a really really impressive Med school application, which got him accepted into several schools, even though his grades as a pre-med weren’t as good as some of his peers, All right. Lets move on to the education section which, on my resume, actually comes after my work experience section, so I guess the first tip I want to talk about here is how to strategically place your education section. So if you are in college or if you just got out of college, it may make sense to put your education section before your work experience, especially if you’re trying to get into a more established field with bigger and older companies who may still put a lot Of the value on the school you went to and your academic achievements, but, as a general rule, solid, impressive experience is gonna matter to most companies more than the school that you attended, especially for newer companies and companies in fields like design and technology. So, as your experience gets more and more impressive, as you accumulate more of it think about highlighting that before your education,

That just leaves us with the question of GPA or grade point average. Do you include it on your resume or do you leave it off? Well, here’s what I was told when I was in college If your GPA is 3.2 or above put that on your resume right alongside your degree in your school, If not leave it off, And the reason that I’m, including this , is that I Generally agree with this logic and here’s why Your resume’s job is to get your foot in the door just like your Tinder profile’s job is to get you a date right, So in general, you’re not gonna go advertising your flaws front and center on your Tinder Profile, unless you can find a way to do it, that’s endearing and funny, and even then that doesn’t apply as much to the job market as it does to dating. But once you’re dating somebody, they’re, naturally going to learn about your flaws and if those flaws are outweighed by the good stuff, then they’re probably gonna stay with you and it’s the same with the job market.

Once you get into that office and have an interview, you get a chance to explain why your GPA might not be as high as you’d like it to be. Maybe your skills and experience outweigh it and you realize that putting more effort into other projects was more beneficial than trying to get perfect grades. But again your resume only gives a few seconds of attention. So you don’t want to lead with things that are going to throw up red flags. Speaking of red flags. Lets talk about the skill section. First and foremost, do you even need to have a skills section on your resume? Well, the answer is, it depends on who you are

So, typically, it’s useful to have a skills section if you have specific certifications or skills that the job is going to be looking for. So if you have a SISCO networking certification, a CCNA or you’re, really proficient in Adobe After Effects or CAD, or you know how to code and know .JS, it can be really useful to put those things in a specific skills section. This is especially useful since many bigger companies these days use what are called applicant tracking systems or ATS systems. Actually, no that doesn’t work. Thats like an ATM machine, that’s kind of redundant

Anyway, ATSs basically scan resumes for specific key terms that the company’s looking for so they can cut down on the number of resumes an actual human being has to look at So, if you’re applying to a company that you know is looking for a specific skill. You want to make sure that skill is listed on your resume, provided you’re actually proficient in it. Otherwise your resume might get tossed in the bin before anyone looks at it All. That being said, don’t include a skill section on your resume. If all you’re going to include is something like Microsoft office as a general term And, more importantly, do not list soft skill terms, Don’t put hard worker, don’t put good communicator on your resume. Do not let me catch you putting these things, because the laziest person in the world can write hard worker on their resume and because of that for many recruiters, it’s a red flag.

Why are you putting down hard worker instead of listing experience that proves your work ethic Bottom line? If you have specific skills, if you have specific certifications that you know they’re looking for definitely include a skills section or at least make sure they’re listed in your work. Experience section otherwise a skills section is probably not needed, but what you do need are the last two sections that we are going to talk about today, extracurriculars and awards. These sections can bolster the work experience on your resume by showing the clubs and organizations that you’re a part of by listing any leadership positions you have taken in those clubs, which you should definitely list and by listing any awards, honors scholarships anything like that that you’ve Won as well, These sections are essentially a non-pathetic way of writing hard worker on your resume. They might not convey specific skills, but they do convey other traits that recruiters are definitely looking for a hard work ethic. The ability to adapt and change the ability to work independently and your likelihood to step into leadership roles so absolutely make sure that you have these two sections on your resume as well.

Of course, crafting your resume is just the first step to landing the job that you want and alone. It is not a very strong tool for that purpose. It needs to work in tandem with a well-tailored personal brand, a mix of online and offline platforms and methods of communicating and help you to show off your skills and establish your expertise in your industry. And this includes things like a personal website with a portfolio and your social media platforms, but also the way that you introduce yourself and the way that you engage and seek out others. And if you want a good guide on how to start building that brand.

February 12, 2021

How to become a Logo Designer | Graphic Designer

Whats up guys today, we’re gon na talk about your graphic design career? What type of jobs you can get in the industry? How much money they pay are most importantly, which one’s right for you, Let’s go What’s up guys today, We’ve got a great lesson. I’M really excited to help you try and craft your design career. A lot of people come to me in this area. Okay, I’m doing this degree or I’m studying graphic design. I went to university to study graphic design myself Or you might not be going to university, but you might want a career in graphic design and it’s such a broad term. People are like, Oh, what type of jobs can I get So in this video? I’M going to talk about. I’Ve worked in quite a lot of different types of jobs within graphic design. I’M going to talk about which ones make you money, which ones are good for hobbies, which ones have easier career paths, and Hopefully a lot of information that no one else or everyone else is a bit too scared to teach you So jump in straighten. Let the first thing, the most important thing for you: if you’re looking for a career in graphic design, is to get on LinkedIn Right now, I’ve been on LinkedIn for about five years and I don’t know Mike Every single job offer in the past five six years.

I’Ve had free, LinkedIn is a place, it’s actually growing. The Contents can walk better on LinkedIn at the moment and it’s a place to promote yourself as a designer, but Create self-profile. Doesn’T matter If you have no connections. Add me, as your first connection to get you started the search for my name. I accept everyone around me and what you can do is start building out your profile and then any work that you do start adding it into there and maybe send out a couple of Status updates any anywhere to post it in the message. Feed LinkedIn is probably the best place now. Its kind of like Facebook was ten years ago.

Where There’s loads of people on there and a lot of them are recruiters looking for people to find jobs, That’s solely where they go and There’s not enough content on there. So you can’t go on Facebook posting it go out to ten thousand people with a hashtag of design, but on LinkedIn you can so LinkedIn is where you’re gon na get job offers from. So Will my talk a bit more about it in a sec, but this is my profile. I think I’ve got like 20,000 people on LinkedIn now, over ten years I just everyone. Anyone who’s interested in design.

I add on my work experience in there. I add I said So. If you’re looking for a job, I’d search for a recruiter and then I’d go down, it add anyone who looks like recruiters the word that they use for like headhunters, and I doubt anyone that looked like they were Crucified assign company that I wanted to work for. So that’s and then you can just talk to them and then that’s Mostly how you get a job or you can even email art directors and get some work experience, which is my number one Tip fair view. One job do some work experience. First,

I did work experience in vogue. I was lucky enough to get a placement there, But because I went to the company make connections and other magazines, I managed to land myself a job in Wired, basically with no competition, Because they knew me – and I was the first person in the door. Lets just take a look at this, so I was googling graphic design, jobs on Google and take a look at what people ask. So these are the type of jobs that you can get and we’ll go through a few of the ones that I think are relevant. So What I do at the moment is I’m a UX UI designer and that’s a graphic designer who works on the web and do Builds websites. So if we, if we have a look over of be hunting, I’ll show you some of the stuff that we do you just type in you can just type in Any search term in here, but UX you’ll see here’s some UF projects here and what we do If we do all The visual style and for websites, but also how users use The website and there’s a lot of psychology involved?

So a lot of our designers low-fidelity. So that means that it’s just You know, there’s not even Any colors in it or Detail in it. A lot of it is thinking and UX and UI are a type of graphic design and it’s probably the most viable career path. At the moment, it’s certainly the most well paying, and the reason for that is because, If you make a change on a website When you’re working in your action, You are, you could simplify a process or change the call on a button that could have a dramatic Impact on the business’s revenue So say you worked on a website for a bank and say You changed the color of a bottom from green to blue Psychologically. That might be something different to the user.

I’Ve got another video to mother psychology of colors. What have you on the stander and then you might get instead of one person clicking free, you might get free and then that could Over a billion people that could like dramatically impact the business’s revenue So UX and UI are the most commercially viable. Why I see at the moments of getting into graphic design? It’S not the only way so we’ll talk about a few of us, So there’s art, director and creative director, and they can be applied to loads of different things. So let me just find a magazine design. So I started my career in magazine, design and publish it, so you could be a designer for a book or print magazine and You work in a dope.

So we use Adobe programs in pretty much every field here, So a creative Subscription Creative Cloud subscription. I think I pay fair to pound them Um for mine in the UK. Its well wafer, because you’ll, if you just get into graphic design, you both experiment with all these different programs or even just get a free trial Or magazine design, is working in design.

They need to know about typography, They need to understand Photography to a certain extent and it’s quite a rewarding job, Because you actually get to see what you design like. I could see you’re part of designer magazine three months ahead, But when it finally gets delivered and you get to see it in print, it’s a it’s probably most satisfaction. I’Ve had in my career as a designer at the moment. You know when you design on websites you you don’t really get that satisfaction because everything’s on screen, whereas when you design in print it’s a You know it just it just feels real and create the director and art director are so or not. So you start off as a designer and you’ll be design page starts, then an art director What might be in charge of Five or six designers and they’ll have the overall vision for the website.

So they might decide to choose the typography or The color scheme, or they might have more of a say on the cover, and then a creative director is There’s only one pair magazines. There might be a couple of our directors, depending on how big the magazine is. As well, some magazines might not have at that but certainly invoke the credit directors. The person who goes on the sets and looks at the photography and where should the Survivors type in birth magazine, The creative director will to be the one will go on set. He or she’ll work with the photographer

They all choose the right image, They’ll work of the people in the business as well to say you know, let’s, let’s Change this image that because you need to work with people inside You know the magazines make business decisions as well, So that all comes on the Creators of their actor, So that’s certainly a way you can go, but you can also be So. Lets take a look, So one of the thing I wanted to show you was: you could also be an art director and create director within an agency. So I used to work for spring studios and you’ll, find these agencies everywhere in every setting And what they do is so spring studios doesn’t just do websites for companies. It does photography.

It does Apps, it does basically every type of art that you can imagine. So, if you’re, a new graphic designer I’d say, maybe think about going at least doing some work experience, Maybe going to try and find your job in an agency normally the smaller. So if you make a personal relationship with someone at the agency, It’ll put your well ahead and the less strict on like the hiring guidelines and things like that. But I’ve made so you’ll be working on multiple projects at the same time and You’ll be working for big companies. So when I was a spring that did some work for Max Mara, I’ll, just I’ll show you some of the work I did so I Did. This is spring, so I worked on the website for Max Mara, But I also got to go on the photo shoot as well.

So they had in these amazing It basically started out as a photography studio, but they had all we did all the product shots. So, not only did we do a graphic design for the website. We did all the photography that goes in it, but I was working on that project. I was working on a project for Canali, which is an Italian suit manufacturer. At the same time, We did videos for them wired. I got to go on video shoots So sometimes when you work with these smaller companies or Not a big company like the BBC you’ll get a you know, You might get to go on some of this footage. So you, if you view, certainly show an interesting that you might get to go along Some of these lines and within these companies I was a. I was a senior designer

So there’s a designer I Worked with, but then I also had an art director and then the whole place had a creative director Who was the same. One is when I worked in vogue. So that’s how I ended up in spring studios He’s a he’s. One of the world’s best designers – and I learned a lot from him, His name’s Robin Derek, So you might want to check some of his work out, But you know you might want to you might want to do some of that. So I’d say if you want to be an art director of creative director, Think about working at magazines and agencies and the one thing I’d probably advise. If you’re gon na work in magazines You’re certainly not going to be a millionaire


They, I Guess, maybe because the design doesn’t impact the revenue to companies much. They certainly don’t pay as well as web design, which Is probably the best pain-filled. If you, if you, if you just solely to think about money, going into graphic design, It’s a they do. Some great salaries, especially we go over to California – that’s where all the big jobs are, but they’re sending jobs in Berlin and Normally I think you get paid a lower higher working directly for a client, so Not with an agency part of an agency. You’Ll, get you become a more rounded designer, So it’s good to do for a little bit. I think, I think they both have the pros and cons. So what else can you do so? You could also go into 3d design. I wanted to show you some of the work ma’am, my friend, ed a University, so my friends called Liam Keaton and he’s probably the number one 3d modeler in Google Sketchup in the world. So he’s gone on to do some great things:

He’S spoken at a conference in China, But yeah we were best friends in University, So check out his website. Robots vs. Dinosaurs comm. He works a Volvo now, so he does some great work for like Designing. He uses 3d models to design like trucks Like this is all his work. He figures design and The graphics that go on the side, the trucks Yeah so there’s some of the stuff easier for Volvo. But what I got him some work for Wired magazine Back in the day.

So he some he did some 3d designs that went on to Went into the magazine, which is great, and if you go into like 3d modeling, you can also get jobs Like more commercial jobs, working for like real estate agents or designing houses and architectural type Jobs. So with so, this is all done. The program called Google Sketchup and you can see it. Its actually quite architectural in some of his designs, But he’s also done More fun stuff and he’s done some work for games And what’s this Benfica FC, look at all that that’s Yeah, he does some cool stuff, but yeah check check him out. That’S robots, better dinosaurs. So that’s if you want to go if you’re interested in more google sketchup type of graphic design – and you want to go into that – That’s a cool poster that he’s done. So, let’s have a look. What else you can do yeah? You can go into film and editing, So I wanted to show you this website of a company I worked with, to this is called territory studios.

I worked with them when I was in vogue about ten years ago And they did some animations for us. I just wanted to show you some of the work that they do so you could work in Adobe After Effects. You could work in Adobe Premiere and do all this type of motion stuff, and then you could work possibly for a company like the territory studios or the BBC, putting together TV programs. This motion is a big form of graphic design like I do it. For my YouTube channel, but I also am trying for bitten To my day job. Sometimes when we present work, I might make a video. I might. I think it’s a good skill to have – and I know it’s a very rewarding career if it’s something that you’re interested in you want to wear em And you want to go in, there’s, certainly a lot of jobs in the northwest of England with the BBC there. If you want to go into something like this, but what they do is they do like introductions for films, and you know the the post products is a blade for the ax stuff that they did. So You know when you see all the computers swirling around and James Bond and all this 3d stuff this sword on Adobe After and this company specifically Works in this, but all films look for companies to do this type of graphics So take out territory studio. If you want some inspiration on some Ideas, some stuff for the Martian as well

So yeah, I mean, this is so cool Look what they look at the type of stuff that they get to design so You know some of the stuff early and it might be this but these guys might animator into a big Into a big film so you can see the crossover here. Mm-hmm in a lot of these fields Then you might go into so let’s take a look some illustration so one of my pet projects Was I love football and I put it together a magazine I also worked and for every article I’ve worked with the illustrator from around the world and got Illustrations on I just wanted to show you my favorite illustrator his name Stanley Chow.

I worked with him when we did Some football stuff, but he’s got like he’s got his own style. This is all done. Adobe illustrator He’s got like this. I don’t notice almost like It’s almost like a retro style, but he did aidid the cover for this magazine. For me, and People like Magazine, art directors will work with illustrators. You know realist. Readers can get jobs doing quite a lot of different things And I know like logo design is really popular. Let me go search for that again, But if you’re an illustrator, what I definitely advise you to do is get them Behance, So be hunters a place where Ice and certainly a lot of art directors go to find people to work with, but they also go to Havel, It’s kinda like a portfolio for your own work or like pear project, and you can get it You can get like. I think, Adobe and be handsome, I’m not sure on that, but you can like appreciating over work, It’s kind of like a social media. You know for people’s work and you can see what programs that the years you can follow and find Designers. You can kind of get ideas for styles that people are doing some inspiration on there So check out be hunting, one of a bit of advice,

I wanted to give you was get your own Get your own websites as well, So you can put your projects on behance but just get a simple website Where you can send people so check out poll portfolio that Adobe comp. It comes with your creative Subscription and what you can do is you can just continue and then you can make a single page website or a gallery of work. You can choose like a layout that you want, So you might do something like that And what are they saying? Its like one of these websites, builders like Squarespace Or Wix or other ones, but you don’t want to spend You want to spend your time doing the work rather than present in the work. Unless you go into web design. I think just to keep things simple.

So you see this, this is actually pulled in all my work to be hunted because of their e-portfolio is It’ll, be must own balance, but I’ve like I’ll support work on there and then it’s it’s created this for me, which is a lot less of a preview. So it looks like, But you know the amount of time and effort that you’d go to making your own website get it be handsome profile, stop building it up and then just Gathered there’ll be a portfolio, make a simple website and then know if I was looking for A designer I like an ice cream site, I’m Super happy of this. I made that like five seconds But yeah. Okay, So get yourself a LinkedIn profile and put your website on there And then you know you can go into animation as well. Kind of you know like illustration before, but free goods really modeling animation, like films, like Toy Story that might be another place, you can go so you can see. There’S there’re lots and lots of. Ah, the last one I wanted to show you can be a photographer as well.

So That’s another type of graphic design, So I did, I mainly focused on photography when I was in university. I when I went to Vogue I found out where the post-production and be like down the road in a when I was cheekily and asked for some work. Experience there – and This is one of the greatest photographers in the world – his name was Nick Knight. He does a lot of stuff vogue, but you see this picture here, I remember being in the actual studio when he came in and he was doing that he was like drawing on it with a For the post-production guys to go in and Photoshop there and that’s You know it’s a it’s one of his most famous images, but I remember that being quite a moment when I was 80 and 90 in to See Nick and I wish it would have went up and talked to him, but just to see him come in and See and where I can see how these actual images are made, That was great

Yeah, you can go into photography and going and being like fashion photographer. Maybe don’t do a whole bunch of things. Don’T be a jack-of-all-trades, be a You know. A master of one choose fashion: choose If you want to go and do nature, photography go and do that to be the best in the world at that go and do And the more photography you know you might work with the BBC on stuff that they’ve Latin brothers. So you know there’s all these type of jobs, but for all of them, You’re all going to get your job offers for lengthen You’re all going to need a website and You’re all Gon na You know need to self promote yourself and that’s where YouTube comes in

So get on YouTube Doesn’t matter view. Videos are no good Share. Your journey shared learn in the process share a day in the life here behind the scenes and you’ll start to get fans and by forcing yourself to Present your work and talk about your work. It’Ll make you more confident for when you go for job interviews and You might even get some connections through there. So I hope I’ve shared some information with you to check on school, that Anthony comm boy, calm,

I’Ll just quickly, I’ve got it somewhere up here And what I’ve got is about a free course on there called UX, UI design fundamentals, It’s about an hour, You’ll, learn all the basics of weather design, web development.

February 10, 2021

How To Get Your Mixtape On Spinrilla

Hey, what’s up It’s Darius from and today I’m gon na show you how to get your mixtape on Spinrilla is similar to Live Mixtapes. It’S a marketing platform where you can upload your mixtape or your project or your music and have it discovered by thousands of their fans. People ask how to get on Spinrilla just as much as they ask how to get on Live. Mixtapes. It’s like they’re asking the same question. Spinrilla may be more difficult to get your mixtape on than DatPiff, but dude. It is not impossible and it’s the same exact steps to get on any other platform. One way to get your mixtape on Spinrilla will be to fill out the application. Yes, there’s an artist application on their site Fill it out, It does not hurt and you never know you may actually get approved that way. The second way to get on Spinrilla is really to just network with the staff or the owners. You should be networking anyway But by networking with people who own these platforms that you wan na get on. You should have no problem getting on just based off of friendships alone.

You may be able to get a discount, or sometimes you may even be able to strike a partnership with them, and you know it’s a win-win for both of you and you don’t even have to pay cash to get on If you’re networking with these people for The sole intent of getting something out of the relationship then you’re networking for the wrong reasons. You should never ask somebody for anything before you add value to their life. First, You need to help them in an area that they need help in before asking them. For anything, And the third way to get your mixtape on Spinrilla is just to build your brand and have them come to you.

You feel me Like when they come to you. You now have leverage, Because now they want you on their site because you’re helping them. So now you can negotiate, maybe better placement on the site or whatever packages they may offer you And the tip I have for most artists is to not be lazy. I mean getting your music on these platforms will not be as easy as creating an account and then uploading it or whatever, But you need to be persistent. So if you’re filling out the form and you’re not getting access to upload your mixtape well, then you need to call them or you need to email them. You need to find somebody’s contact info and email them And if they don’t respond, you need to follow-up a week later And if they do respond, you need to respond within five minutes.

You need to let these people know that you’re serious about your career, because nobody is gon na. Take you serious if you do not take you serious And that my friends is how you get your mixtape on Spinrilla. Please feel free to share this video post it on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube well, it’s already on YouTube but any other place And check out for more music promotion tips and business. Advice…

February 9, 2021


Have you been wondering how to kickstart your personal styling career? Having worked in a styling industry for 15 years, I know exactly how to get you started as a personal stylist , you will understand and have the strategy and clear idea how to become a personal stylist. Even if you live in a small city,

Hi, my name is Basia Richard and I help aspiring stylists enter the styling industry. If you want to learn what are the steps to kick off your styling career keep on watching Tip number one educate yourself now, As a personal stylist, you will be advising your clients on what to wear and what looks fit them best Now in order to serve Your clients, the best you want to know everything about body, shapes colors, fits and fabrics.

Now, the best way to educate yourself is to grab a few books. I’M going to show you my favorite book. So first of the book I want to show you is called Your Fashion Guide Based on Body Shape & The Space Of The Waist. So this book is really going to talk about different type of body shapes It’s a really great resource. I’M going to show you …, You see great, very straightforward pictures. Gon na explain to you all different type of body shapes, But this book also going to learn. … You’re going to learn from this book how to properly measure your client, which is actually really helpful Now the second book is called The Pocket Stylist and this book really gon na walk you through this whole process of working with your clients, So starting with … You’Re gon na still learn about body shades, but then you’re gon na learn about all different types of looks. Show Me Your Closet, How to rate a closet how to shop properly working with your Tailor. …

Seamstress, So this is a great resource book, A lot of great tips and advices, So I would grab those two books and I’m going to link it in a description below Now. When you have all the knowledge, it is a good idea to practice on your friends and family. Now do a small make over for your mom dad friend sister. Whoever will be available. You want to put all your knowledge into practice Now, the more you do it. The more you’ll feel comfortable and you are going to be ready for your clients. Now by practicing, you will gain all the confidence You need that confidence before you’re gon na start working with your real clients. Now the best one is to implementing everything you will learn from all those books that I just show you a second ago, So you want to start with practicing doing consultations. So even though you’re going to go do a consultation with your mom or your friend …. Now the idea is to practice as much as you can. So when you start working with your real clients, it is like a breeze

So you won’t feel, like you, have never done it before Tip number two create your services Now, the best way to go about it is to do a simple research and see what other stylists in your area are offering as far as their service simple process … And you want to just go online and do our research. So let’s just go onto my computer and let’s just do it together: Okay, because I’m based in Los Angeles, I want to research, personal stylists in different city. Just for the sake of this exercise, just to show you how to do this, research

So let’s say we’re going to go to Seattle, Seattle, personal stylist, And, let’s see some of those results, So Yelp is first, let’s go to this one. So what do you want to do is to go to women’s services and see exactly what other personal stylists are offering? There are tons of packages here, So you really want to go through all this and see what all those packages include …, What type of services And see exactly what are the prices for each and every one?


So you want to do as many as you can. So, let’s go to this one … same thing: Here we go styling services, … the same thing You want to go and see what this particular stylist has to offer. There’s a Style 360 Package for $ 1,950. You want to really read and see what this package includes So based on your research … different stylists in your area. …, you want to create your own services. If you want to create packages great, If you want to create services and charge hourly rate, that’s great as well, So the more you’re gon na do research, the easier it’s gon na be for you to really understand how to create your services. Now you do not want to copy anyone, You do not want to take literally the package from some other stylists and create something literally the same. This is just an exercise for you to just understand and see what other stylists are offering.

So now you know how to do the research. You should do a research in your own area and based on that create your own services And obviously you don’t wan na copy anyone. It just gives you an idea exactly what other stylists are offering. What type of services they have Now certain stylists are going to be charging their clients per package. So package can be, let’s say, a closet, detox and, let’s say shopping for a new wardrobe, But they can also charge their client per hour. It all depends. This is something that you can just decide on your own. You want to study those services and come up with the best offer. That’S going to fit your business and your ideal client Tip number three get your name out there. Now, if people don’t know about you, they can’t hire you Period Now start with social media, Create either videos with tips or blog posts and give you audience free value.

So do a quick tips on body shapes …, maybe on trends or how to style, floral blouses. The key is to give as much value as you can. You should post it on Facebook fan page on your Instagram, exactly where you have an audience Now, don’t be shy. … think that people will find you They won’t. You have to put yourself out there to attract your clients, There’s no other way By creating great value and content by giving tips and advices. You will warm up your audience and position yourself as an expert, So your potential client will know exactly who you are what you do and will already know about you well enough to hire. You Tip number four networking Now that you have your offer and are ready to start creating looks for your clients. Networking will be part of getting new clients in. The best way is to get your clients for a word of mouth. So if you could be referred to your new potential clients for family or friends, that’s probably the easiest way to land your clients.

Now, aside from the referral, attending parties and networking with people is a part of getting yourself out there and meeting new people who can potentially become your clients. So the one thing when you go to those networking parties … Make sure that number one you can don’t sell yourself right away. You go there to meet people to socialize, create relationship, and that’s your goal So now find something you guys might have in common. Just makes friends, There is one thing you don’t want to go with this attitude. “ Hire me !”. It will be just so uncomfortable …, Just to think about it, for you and the people you’re going to meet So you wan na network and don’t put any pressure on yourself Now. Number two thing always follow up and stay in touch. The last thing you should do is ignore them. You just meet new people who can become your clients, maybe one day and you’re ignoring them Always follow up Tip number five get a mentor Now. This is what I did before. I entered the styling industry.

I had the all the qualifications in order to style, so I knew all about body types: colors, designers, But I had no idea … anything about the styling industry. So, by working with a mentor who showed me all the ropes and helped me understanding the industry and what steps to take and how to get in and actually start working. So without my mentor, I would probably be still in the same process and trying to figure out everything on my own. So she also helped me to stay, focused and really directed me. What to do next And I wouldn’t be making any mistakes as far as what should be my next step, And what should I not do So? This was the best experience I had, because not only I was guided by a senior stylist, but I knew exactly what I was supposed to do. You enter the styling industry.

February 7, 2021

How To Use Discord Advertising

Here’S how to use Discord Getting started on Discord is easy If you’re using a desktop, navigate to On the landing page, you’ll be prompted to either download the desktop app or log in to the web platform. The desktop version has more features and clicking on “Download” will prompt you to save the installation file to your computer If you just want to launch, via your browser, click “Open in browser” and clicks to sign up or log in If you’re, on Your smartphone find ou Discord in the app store and install the app from Discord Inc. Back on the desktop to launch, the downloaded installer and follow the simple prompts to get the program installed Once the install runs. Your app is ready, Just sign in with your account. If you’re new to Discord, click “, Register” and follow the prompts, As this is your first time signing in, you – should see a prompt to get a guided tutorial through the features Starting on the left. You’Ll see a large plus button. This is the key to starting and joining conversations.

This will open the server’s prompt where you can create a new server or join an existing one. Each server is a broad chat room that can host subgroups and private messages. Lets start with creating a server Here. You can give it a name and icon Hit. “Create,” and your server is live Now that the server is live. You can explore the structure On the right, you’ll see the server members On the left. You’Ll see channels. These are the subgroups that are used for various conversations. The small plus button above it allows you to create new channels and choose whether it’s a text or a voice chat Hovering over the # general channel, allows you to create an invite to share with others. If you’re already friends with someone on Discord, you can directly invite them by clicking on their profile. So at this point you’ve created a server, but you can also join others.

Searching for a topic will show a variety of public servers In this case, we’ll request to join the Official Fortnite. One You’ll need to request an invitation from a server before you can join it Once approved. You can explore this Fortnite page and see how a populated server looks On the left. There are a large collection of dedicated channels for specific topics and conversations and on the right, a list of the server moderators game staff and a general list of all members. You can also see what some activities people are up to On the left. You will find the icons of the servers that you join Clicking on. Those will switch you over to that server and its channels. Lets return to the home page and customize, some of Discord’s settings On the bottom left next to your username and icon are a mic, headphone and cog button. The cog button will launch our settings. There are a number of options. Users can customize, including privacy and security voice and video-chat preferences and more

One of the most used features on Discord is its voice chat. Here you can make sure your microphone is being picked up and choose whether you want your is always on, or only when you press a button. The Discord web app has nearly identical, layout and features, and the mobile app retains the core features of the platform, including server channels, voice, talk and friend, interactions..

February 6, 2021
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