Have you been trying to figure out how to become an online personal stylist, but you have no clue um how to get started and which tools and apps to use? Well, since I’ve been styling for the past 15 years, and that includes online styling, I will tell you what are my favorite tools and apps that will help you get started hi.

My name is bashar Richard and I help a spying stylist into the styling industry. If you want to learn how to become an online personal stylist and which styling tools and apps to use. So, let’s get started. I will tell you which tools and apps to use in order to style your clients online, and we’re going to start with creating services.

Now, what are the styling services now? It’S what you offer to your client as a stylus? Now the key is to create simple and straightforward services, so your client not only will have like a closet full of ready-to-go clothes, but they will also know how to shop. Where to shop and what silhouettes, what to work on them? So as a personal stylist, you can offer so many different services like vacation, styling event, styling clothes and detox shopping, spree, wedding, styling, etc. Right but since you’ll be doing it online, you want to keep it simple and straight forward, so we’re going to start with two services: a closer detox and an online styling. Now, since you’ll be doing it online, you need few tools to help. You do it.

So now the first one is called calendar now. Currently, it’s a simple easy to use, scheduling software so, instead of like emailing and texting um with your client back and forth about like when you’re available when your client is available, etc, you can simply set up an event and create available time to when you are Available for your client, so first of all, um the their basic like the basic version is free and if you are just starting, you really don’t need to upgrade to the paid option.

So let me show you exactly how to set up calendar correctly, so welcome to the calendar. So this is how the page looks like this is your calendar, and this is where your clients will be able to easily book your services and see your calendar. So you don’t have to really go back and forth with your client to decide when you’re going to be conducting your services. So let me walk you for exactly how to set it up from the back end of currently so we’re going to go to currently backend.

First things: first, you have to create an account if you haven’t done it yet it’s pretty easy, just follow instructions, and then, when you get to this page, we’re going to be creating new events, you’re going to click on a new event type now we’re going to Click on 101 all right and that’s where you can customize everything. So let’s say we’re gon na be doing closet. Detox. Okay, then add a location. So, this because it’s gon na happen on zoom, then you can put your description and that’s it we’re gon na click.

Next now this is where the magic happens. This is where you can customize and really edit your calendar. This is where you can decide when you’re available what times you’re available, what times you’re not available so click you have to click on each day and customize times. Okay, so when you do that, all you have to do is to click next and your calendar is ready to go. We have to save this and and your event is ready to go right. So then, you can do copy link, and this is how your calendar will look like pretty simple. So now, since you already have a calendar set up in order to conduct a closet detox, you need to have another tool to see your client and my favorite is zoom.

So zoom is a video communication tool that allows you to virtually set up conferences. So I recently conducted a closet, detox and with my client through zoom, and it was super easy. My client set up her laptop from her and I was able to see all her clothes what she had in her closet. We also throw away a lot of clothes. We kept a lot of clothes and we also organized all her closet properly. Now when it comes to online styling, there are few options you can choose from to create shoppable boards for your clients, so the first one is called flash mates. Its super easy to use.

All you have to do is to start creating full outfits from all the clothes and accessories that are available on their platform. So now, so you simply start browsing through looks you know your client will like so choose the price range. Then, a brand and a store and start pulling pieces that you know your client will love. Then you can organize everything nicely. So it looks professional for your client and then you are done. You can simply save the board and all looks are stoppable.

Now the other option is to simply use keynote if you’re on a mac or PowerPoint, if you’re on windows. Now I like this option simply because it allows me to browse through stores I like to shop art. Also, it’s super easy to use, so you don’t have to really learn another platform, so I simply start with doing research and start browsing through different stores and brands. I know my client will like then I simply download an image inside the keynote. I also copy and paste a link, so my client can shop for all the products I’m suggesting and then simply i organize all my looks into full outfits.

This is super, easy and really hassle free and you don’t have to like learning a new platform if you’re, not very tech savvy now, the last one and my personal favorite is called good picks now. Good picks is a platform designed for personal stylist and I love to use it. So let me show you exactly how to use that platform so welcome to good picks, one of my favorite platforms and um. This is a great platform for all personal stylists, so you will be able to easily create shoppable boards for your clients, just like that inside good picks, and now the best part of good picks is that they have affiliated contracts with a lot of brands and designers.

So if your clients will purchase some of the looks that you’re suggesting for them, you will get a small kick back on all those purchases. So first thing: what you want to do is to um they add the clipper and first it just to be able to clip all your products. So you’re going to add this extension here. Okay, the next part is going to be to start searching for your favorite looks for your clients. So, let’s say, if you like this dress, all you have to do is to click on this clipper and then all you have to do is to bring this dress into good pick so you’re going to click on this and then clip to my catalog.

Thats it and the product is successfully saved. Okay, so now, let’s start creating shopable boards, so inside good picks. What you want to do is to click on, create a shoppable board and start adding, looks into the board and creating full looks, do and voila. This is our shopaboo board; all you have to do is to save it and you are ready to go so this is our board. All you have to do now is to get in copy this link, and this is our shopable board, so you can send this now to your client and they will be able to click on each product and purchase it now, if you want to sign up with Good picks, I will leave a link in the description below if you sign up through this link, good picks will add 20 to your affiliated account when you become an active user in the end of your free trial.

Now the last part of becoming a stylist online is to build a website. There are many options out there. So, first of all, don’t think that you have to hire a web developer. Its completely unnecessary and super expensive, especially if you’re just studying there are many websites out there. That will allow you to do it yourself, so you can start with a first option, which is a square space.

Squarespace is a web builder tool that allows you to simply create a website. So first of all, all you have to do is to look at the pricing first, so you can choose to either pay per month or annually the next app. What you want to do is to choose a template that will be the closest to what your website will look like, and you have so many ready to go templates available. So you don’t have to really worry about starting from scratch and designing it all by yourself. All you have to do is to customize it change, colors, fonts and add your images and text now. Squarespace will also host your website for you, so you don’t really have to worry about it. Now. Another option is and it works in a very similar way. You have to pick a template and customize it according to your liking and add your pictures and both those options will work in a very similar way. So now you know exactly how to become an online personal stylist, which tools i use, which apps i use.

February 28, 2021