How To Become A Logo Designer and Run A Graphic Design Business

Time to answer some questions: let’s go. This is a question coming in from grace Bozz from Paris or France. I believe so Bonjour grace since you posted on Twitter for an answer, your question, because I’m a French self-taught, graphic and web designer he has a very clear goal by 2017.

He wants to launch his own agency new ones, offer graphics and marketing, photography, print design, web design and branding services through his business. It says, although it may be better to be specific, I would like to offer multiple services related to the design and marketing industry. How kind of makes sure the client does not get saturated with information? You have a bunch of services etc, and you know we want to make sure it’s not confusing to your clients.

So the short answer is this: in the very beginning: when you’re marketing your company offer one thing and try to show as many examples of that thing as possible, because people are one information-rich and too time poor and that’s a mistake that I made personally. So I’m just trying to caution you with 20 years of experience, when you show to many things, it is very confusing over time you can start to expand services, you offer, if you really look at your core strengths whatever it is that you think you do really Well, offer that now the only other way that you can do this and offer more than one thing is to sell branding, because branding is the umbrella thing. But you got to make sure you have enough examples to support that. You need to stake a claim to say that you’re an expert at it and prove that claim.

Question number two. I like the business DNA and values to stand out. I was thinking about integrating a social cause to contribute to and I’m afraid people are getting confused that were a nonprofit organization. How to prevent this from happening. Social cost is a good thing to do, but again since you’re just starting out, I would not try to confuse people as to what it is that you’re trying to do. So. If you stand for some kind of like a battered women’s shelter kind of thing, you can do that and try to integrate that into the copy, but I would not hit somebody over the head with it. They should hire you first and foremost for your expertise.

They can feel good about doing it, knowing that you’re a community-based design firm, but I would not lead with that. You know what Aaron pointed out kind of rereading this question. You want to integrate your business DNA and your values together with the social cause. I think it’s fascinating that you’re, a graphics person or graphic design with a business background. Perhaps, some of the messaging that you talk about is with my business background.

I understand the bigger business problem and not just design, because we want to help you with your mission and your cost question number three grace you’re asking a local question that you want to have a logo and then separate logos for all the services, and I think You said something like six Adobe annexed, do something like this and I think they do that because they’re distinctly different product and they have a system and they are going to appeal to different people. So I guess the thing I’m thinking about is: why do you want to do that you’re making things more complicated than they need to be just making?

One great mark is hard just stick with that. The services aren’t separate products, but they actually support the parent brand. So in this case, I would recommend against that. The best way to get your questions answered is to send us a video. You could private message me on Facebook or Twitter or whatever else you can find me and send me a link to your specific question. See you guys next time, alright, don’t travel. You got enough of the cutaways, I think so, I’m a little self-control.

Okay, what we want to do is want to tell you about the struggle. Design got a call from Nicole a few minutes ago and she wanted to know if I’m coming back, because she needs me to review the work and see if she knows better for the client, but because I have personally seen it like. I said I’m not gon na, have percent of the client right waiting back for me at the office hour for designers, wanting feedback for a project and so a lot of times. People wonder you get your hands on to the design and the reality. Is the people ask that question have no idea how design firms or run they’re too stuck in need?

I need to make something mentality, that’s where they find values, but the problem is if you’re making it that you can’t manage. So you need to choose to manage, or you choose to make something and, if you’re, having any real volume of work in terms of new opportunities, you’re not going to have any time to make stuff. All I can do is to work with young designers transfer. My knowledge to them so that they can do the work, the level which I promise to the client. I could do


March 3, 2021