What You need to Hire Digital Marketing Agency Vs Freelancer Vs Consultant Vs In House?

So should you hire an agency, should you hire in-house or should you hire a freelancer or maybe a consultant or something that and what this is a challenge?
I talk to people sometimes and they say we want to hire in-house for this, and I say you Probably shouldn’t but okay, that’s a choice you can make, and I talk to people that want to hire an agency all the time and I tell them they should hire in-house first.
So, let’s break down the kind of the components.
A freelancer is basically a solo agency. I would say they are probably just gonna take on a couple of clients that they do some work for you don’t need them full time, so they don’t need to come in internally, but you do need somebody to be doing some activities get aligned with your Brand voice and post view: this is perfect for maybe more I’m not gonna downplay the freelancer, but maybe more like assistant, oriented work where you have the strategy, you’re able to do a lot of things, and you need somebody on the execution front that can be There, for you, it’s also helpful in all honesty. Freelancers are cheaper because they don’t have any overhead of having to grow higher, run an agency right there. It’S just one person, so you get them they’re, probably running a solo business. They might not even have an actual LLC or a company founded, but they are there for you.
A consultant typically isn’t as focused on the execution side. So much as the strategic side. They would come in and give you a strategy like a social media strategy, and then you would be the one or they teach you how to do it. You would be the one to execute or you would hire internally then to execute on that strategy.
So as a consultant, freelancer is slightly different, so consultants are perfect for for strategic insight. When you don’t know the strategy yourself, you should hire a consultant, then maybe hire a freelancer to full fill on the consultant work. Maybe that could sold the news, also a freelancer.
So an agency has a lot of strengths that I think are often overlooked. I’M a little biased, all right, I’m an agency owner, but let me try and you know, show you what they are and you you tell me if you think this is true agencies. Jobs are to house and retain talent in their marketing specialty, so my job as I my company is to basically find house train, educate and stay on the leading edge of social media and have the best social media marketers in the world. These people have processes in place. They work across multiple accounts, so they can see lots of different things, they’re able to match the brand voice. My job is to find those people and keep them around. That is a powerful asset to a company that can’t just go and create that asset on its own. You can’t necessarily go hire six social media marketers and have them all stay on the cutting edge right, and so that’s where the real raw value of a marketing agency comes into play is the their ability to hire resources and scale through processes.
We also can scale because we can put layers into our business where we have strategist executioner assistant, maybe even virtual assistant down at the bottom and people on each layer can execute, according to the role across multiple client accounts, they’re able to scale. By doing one specific thing really well, where an agency maybe Falls a little flat, and you should consider how you an in-house my opinion, it’s the first hire.
If you have nobody in your marketing department, you need somebody that understands the top level strategy and basic marketing fundamentals, so they can work with agency partners. You should never really, as a CEO hire a marketing agency unless you’re like a really like marketing savvy CEO, but even then you’re gonna get bogged down too much. You need to run your company. You shouldn’t necessarily be doing these working with the partners and doing the day-to-day on that side. So I highly recommend the first hire be a high-level strategist that can bring the moving pieces together, whether they are in-house or agency. I also recommend for certain industries, like maybe you have a compliance law firm, where every post needs to be very carefully critiqued. That might be a time to hire in-house. You have legal loot problems or not problems, but preventative things like financial advisors, also that that make it really hard to post the social media you probably shouldn’t hire outside. Maybe you have a lot of content that needs to be created in-house, and this person can serve that cross-functional role. That would be a good time to hire in-house, maybe they’re, going to fulfill multiple different tasks under your direction. That would be a good time to hire in-house, because an agency needs to fulfill on the processes that they have built its really hard for an agency to come in and do some custom work for you. Well, every client and project has levels of customization. They ultimately for agencies should be fallen into process.

So you know, if we’re gonna, do Facebook Ads for you. We know how to do Facebook Ads if process is built for Facebook Ads. We do that for you, but if you want us to change a new page on your website for some reason, that’s not something our agency currently handles and therefore we don’t have a process for it. So anytime, I have to go. Do that I’m doing something completely out of the process which I’m doing so those are some of the fundamental components as to whether you should hire a freelancer consultant in-house or agency.

Well, I do think that hiring an agency is typically a very good idea. Not all agencies are created equally, sometimes when you’re hiring them. It’S tough to tell a good one from a bad one, and that’s especially why you need somebody that knows the industry to vet hire and work with the agency as a partner. Remember it’s not magic! You don’t just hire an agency, and money comes in, in fact, if that’s the way you think about it, money is probably gonna go out, and I can tell you that as an agency owner, I want to succeed, but I have to have my clients work With me on it, it is a two-part process. You need somebody in-house, that’s capable of working with the agencies understands some of the language. They don’t need to be up to speed on everything, but they need to know the basics and be able to collaborate and send content to each other’s way. Make sure that lead flow is working all those kinds of things. That is it for me. If you are thinking about hiring a digital marketing agency or a social media marketing agency, please check out our website https://udyamjob.com.

January 13, 2021