Top 10 best selling Freelance Services you can do from home

top sell freelance services

Top 10 bestselling Freelance Services

 Freelancers are booming in the industry as they are cost-effective, yet skilled professionals. Many of the industries are hiring freelancers than agencies for their different needs. Freelancing comes again time-friendly so that you can work whenever you’re free and you want to make some use of your time and can be your own boss. But what are top 10 services that have highest boom in the market and you can choose your career from? We’ve researched our top 10 services in the freelance market and listed out below:

  1. Writing:First on our list is writing. Writing may include all the type of writing requirements. It may be articles for publishing, blogs for your website. It can be creative writing for the business or personal profile, catchy quotations for the social media posts, translating the script from one language to another, even the mails, letters, resumes and cover letters, product reviews, legal and technical write-ups. If you are good at making sentences reader-friendly? Are you good at making Catchy phrases? Can you write emails to convince the opposite? There’s plenty of opportunity around you. You can meet your clients through freelancing sites, social media groups, etc., and help them to write their requirements, proof-read them, and make required changes so that you can them happy with the work. Start your career as a Freelance content writer
  2. Graphic Designing:Do you have a creative edge in you? Do you like to play with colors, patterns and shapes? Then Graphic Designing is the best suitable career for you. There are so many companies outside hires freelancers on a regular basis for their designing requirements. Graphic Designing collectively has Logo Designing, Posters, Flyers, Business cards, Brochures, Covers, presentation, and images required for social media posting and a lot more. You just need to be well trained and experienced in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects and other image creation and editing software. And graphic designing is one of the most selling skills as a freelancer. This can benefit the client by giving a vision to their ideas. Then why not clients want to hire one? Start your career as a graphic designer
  3. Animation:The animation again comes under the designing category but required Higher Creativity and technical skills. The animation is two types. 2D animation and 3D animation. These can be used for animated video production. You need to have a clear understanding of the animated objects, and creativity to use them in different styles to become a good animator. The software which is useful in the process of animation are Adobe Illustrator, After effects, Maya, Visual effects, etc. which has the almost same interface and feature to make them learn easily. Once you get used to the software, you can create wonders with your creative minds. These can be useful to the clients in making different types of videos such as Product explainer videos, startup introduction videos, Pitching videos, brand awareness videos and can also be used in the presentation to take an edge over the traditional slides. And one of the most important fields for Animation is gaming. Every game requires animators to make the game screens in the form of animation. Start your career as a Animation Video maker
  4. Voiceover:Many clients hire voice-over artists as freelancers for their recordings. Why? Because it’s expensive to have a whole recording studio for few recordings. There’s a point, right? You just need to have a good voice for yourself. Then you can learn about sound and audio mixing anywhere online and you can set-up a small studio set-up within your room or get a contract with the already equipped studios. Then just start talking. You’ll be amazed by hearing your own voice in a different perspective and by serving people with that. You can also learn different languages and accents to upgrade your skills. You can be useful for the clients to perform normal readings, background voices, synced audio for videos, Vocal Tuning, and Audio mixing. Start your career as a voice-over artists.
  5. Digital Marketing:Digital marketing is booming faster in this competitive world. But it’s really difficult to find a single person who can take care of every aspect of digital marketing. But you can be one of them. There are so many digital marketing classes online and many training centers to teach you about Search Engines, Social Media, Keyword analysis, Competitor analysis, and so many tricks and strategies to make you a decent digital marketer. Later you can start taking the projects and explore slowly. Try different strategies to make them work for your clients and you’ll be able to single-handedly can take care of whole businesses digital face. You can make the clients happy by showing them real-time results. And the good part is digital marketing is a never-ending process. So once you make a good impression with your client, you have got a lifetime job. Start your career as a SEO Expert.
  6. Social Media Management:Are you a social media addict? Do you know every option, feature and use about social media? Then let us tell you a way to make money from it. Social Media is the face of everyone’s life. That’s reason many of the businesses have a hunt for someone who can take care of it in a best way. You just need to add some tutorial expertise to your social media knowledge and can get on-board. You can take care of the end to end management of all major Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You need to first optimize your social page to have maximum information about your business, maintain consistency in posting, find the ways increase post likes and shares and increase followers. You can also run social media ads, create and manage campaigns. Start your career as a social media manager
  7. Web Development:Everyone has a new idea these days. But do not have the skill to make it work. But giving the projects to software companies can cost you a bomb. How then? That’s the reason many of the cpmanies hiring a web developer or team of developers for freelance. If you’re a coding nerd, technology is your food, if you can run around using the technologies, many of the people looking out for someone like you. You must have enough expertise in many of the technologies and should be able to handle whole project on your own. If you know the app development technologies like Android and iOS, that can add a plus. Here are some of the skills you need to excel in to become a web developer. Java, .Net, C, C++, HTML, JavaScript, Android, iOS and lot more to count on.  Start your career as a Web developer.
  8. Quality Analysis:Do you have a keen observation of things? Do you understand technologies and can find bugs in its performance? We’ve got a perfect job for you. You can be a Quality analyst just by learning some technologies in manual and automation testing. Many of the businesses require Quality analysts before launching their website or apps. But hiring a person for full time for timely use can be expensive. That’s how freelance Quality analysts got a good opportunity in the Freelance market. You can check if the client’s website or app is working fine in all the different Operation systems and devices and give them the report if you find any performance or interface issues.
  9. Marketing:Who doesn’t require marketing? Every single business does. If you have good communication skills, if you can sell anything to anyone, if you have good public relations, if you’re good at representing someone to create awareness, there’s plenty of opportunity waiting for you. People would like to hire freelancers in marketing case because there’s a chance of one person working for different companies, where choice of spreading their business more. Start your career as a Freelance in marketing
  10. Data Entry:Data Entry is simple, easy and manual. Data Entry is one of the most famous freelance services. Most of the works are automated these but there are still few things that are aligned better manually. This consists of collecting email addresses, company details, phone number for marketing, Web research, PDF to Excel, PDF to Word, Image to word conversion works. You just need to have a basic understanding, internet net, research skill and patience to move the bulk requirements to your data. Data entry operator .

We’ve listed 10 things above but there are many more. Most of the services have freelancers these days. Do you think you have any of the above skills? Many individuals and businesses looking for you on sites like , Then why wait? Go and meet your Clients now. Top Web hosting services at

September 2, 2019