Reasons to Choose Ionic Framework for a Mobile App Development

Are you seeking to convert your idea into a full-fledged mobile app and looking for the right framework for app development? Well, you can consider Ionic, though you will find a plethora of other frameworks serving the same purposes.

Talking about the Ionic framework that is based on HTML5, which is quite helpful in creating hybrid applications. Hybrid applications are well known and function flawlessly on a browser shell in the application and thus have complete access to the native platform layer.

Hybrid applications include the number of advantages compared to native applications. These benefits are easy to develop, less development hours, cost-efficient development, and more.

Ionic is also known as an open-source SDK, which is leveraged to a larger extent to create a variety of hybrid applications to cater to businesses from multiple industries. This framework is considered to be the right choice for developing an app with a native look and feel.

These are enough reasons why businesses are often get prompted to hire Ionic app developers to create their business applications.

Why is Ionic a Good Option for Hybrid App Development?

If you think the above reasons are not convincing and you are looking to explore several other reasons to make the final decision. Explore here some genuine reasons that will definitely help you in this arena.


As already mentioned, Ionic is an open-source framework. So, anyone could enjoy the liberty of leveraging this framework to create an application based on their idea. Your Ionic mobile app development company finds it quite easier to get the source code, which is widely available on GitHub to build an app for you. You don’t need to pay an additional cost to buy anything if you use this framework for your application development.

Easy to Move Across Different Platforms

The language that the said framework uses tends to be easily converted from one operating system to another. It clearly means that your application can be used on several platforms without any hustle. Besides, the use of native language compared to hybrid one is something that requires a little amount of effort and money.

Interaction with Vast Community

The best part of the Ionic framework is that it enjoys the vast community support and lets developers especially those who are new to find the best solutions from experts.

Besides, they can also get updated with the latest development about this framework and lots more. It makes the task of programming quite easier for developers.


Ionic framework is talked for performance and this is the reason why it gains a competitive edge over other frameworks. The framework is developed on the Angular 4, which improved everything to a greater extent that a mobile app developer expects in the hybrid technology.

This is the reason why businesses prefer to hire an Ionic app developer who leverages this framework in a better way to develop, fast, scalable, and high-performing hybrid applications.

Cordova Powered Plugins

As far as Cordova plugins are concerned, these are known to be the best. It is certainly an important feature that also opens up the door to use the native device capabilities beyond its availability.

With the use of these important plugins, one can have access to camera, geolocation, battery, logs, etc. All these are important to improve your app’s performance.

UI Components

Ionic framework is better described as the set of UI elements that are easily reusable and also serve its ultimate purpose of creating blocks for mobile applications.

These components are developed with web standards with the use of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Though these components are pre-developed, still these are highly customizable.


When it comes to navigation, it’s another important factor that plays a crucial role in making a mobile application successful. The best thing about the Ionic framework is that it covered the mobile navigation approach perfectly and also supports equal navigation histories and also supports browser-style navigation concepts. This is something that web developers are known to be aware of.


As the Ionic framework is developed with the help of CSS that renders complete support to take advantage of the flexibility that the CSS feature provides. It makes the design task of an application quite easier and also makes the app beautiful and invigorating.


You may now have a clear understanding of why Ionic is considered to be the right framework for hybrid app development. So, it’s the right time to hire a reputed Ionic mobile app development ,

January 21, 2020