How To Upgrade Appearance Of Your Workplace?

Your commercial buildings are one of the most important assets you will ever own. As a company, your appearance is integral to the first impressions that clients make of your firm when visiting for the first time.

By taking the time to invest in decorative concrete and other innovative flooring solutions, you’ll be able to establish a contemporary look in the workplace that will set the tone for productivity.

So, let’s take a look at four ways that you can transform tired business headquarters or stores into brand-new and innovative places of enterprise.

  1. Invest in decorative concrete for office exterior

Many people decide to focus on developing the interiors of their workplace, without realizing that photos of your stores and offices may appear on your website, promotional material, and literature.

Because of this, why not consider pattern imprinted concrete and other creative driveway solutions that will make a big difference. The latest technology means that driveways can be stained and stamped to emulate stone tiles and cobbles, giving the entrance to your office a grand and professional look.

A clean and organized appearance for the outside of your building provides a positive impression for prospective clients on what to expect inside. You just need to call the right contractor to build the right concrete driveway Sydney.

  1. Conference room

The conference room is important because you don’t want all your employees to hear your confidential meetings with your managers.

A sound-proof conference room would be enough to prevent any eavesdroppers from hearing what you and your managers are talking about.

You can also use this conference room when talking to a single employee in private. If you add a wall-mounted screen and projector in the conference room, you can use it as an audio-visual room, too.

  1. Install decorative countertops

When you’re in a creative environment such as architecture, media, or even hospitality, the surfaces that staff workaround and clients have access to matter. They need to be comfortable, ergonomic and look good.

Thankfully, decorative concrete worktops can fulfill all of these expectations and can be installed seamlessly when working with the right contractor.

One of the biggest gains of decorative concrete is the fact that you can clean it easily, and it won’t be a place where dust, germs, and allergens can harbor.

If you’re in the commercial cleaning business, it’s understandable that clients won’t be impressed if your premises appear to be unkempt.

Because of this, make sure that you choose a floor that will go the distance. Decorative concrete offers lower maintenance than other types of floors that require daily, sometimes hourly attention, to look their best.

  1. Canteen

Having a canteen in your office is great because it would mean that your employees don’t have to go out to buy food during their break.

That will reduce the number of employees coming in late from lunch. Of course, the canteen should be located in an area where it does not bother the employees while working.

  1. Acid stains to create a marble-like effect

Seen commonly in five-star hotels, many of us now associate marble with luxury and sophistication. Now, you can have the opportunity to implement acid stains in the entrance to your workplace to create an upmarket and modern appearance.

By selecting a vendor that uses high-quality chemicals and innovative techniques, you’ll be extremely pleased with the outcome of your refurbishment, and your clients will be, too.

  1. More toilets

Having more employees means you need more washrooms and toilets. You can’t afford the loss of productivity because employees are waiting to use the toilet.

At least two washrooms for men and two washrooms for women should be placed in your office. Employee comfort is one of the drivers of the business.

  1. Locker room

If you don’t want your employees to bring their phones and other things in the workplace, you can give them a locker room.

Before going to the production floor, they can leave their mobile phones, make-up kits, and other personal belongings in the locker room safely.

Locker rooms may take some space, so make sure that you have enough area for them.

  1. Lounge area for employees

Having a lounge area for employees allows them to take small breaks at work to help them recharge or find creative inspiration outside their workstations.

Companies like Google are known for having fun and unconventional lounge areas or play areas for their employees to help boost creativity.

Final Words:

Nobody starts a business aiming to remain small. Every capitalist dream that his business grows so that he can get more profit. Along with business growth is the need for office expansion, and that requires renovation.

When renovating your office, you just don’t add space for more employees; you also need to add some amenities that will help create a happy and motivating workplace.

Just following one, two, or all of these simple tips can dramatically alter the perceptions that clients will have of your workplace.

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November 6, 2019