How To Get Your Mixtape On Spinrilla

Hey, what’s up It’s Darius from and today I’m gon na show you how to get your mixtape on Spinrilla is similar to Live Mixtapes. It’S a marketing platform where you can upload your mixtape or your project or your music and have it discovered by thousands of their fans. People ask how to get on Spinrilla just as much as they ask how to get on Live. Mixtapes. It’s like they’re asking the same question. Spinrilla may be more difficult to get your mixtape on than DatPiff, but dude. It is not impossible and it’s the same exact steps to get on any other platform. One way to get your mixtape on Spinrilla will be to fill out the application. Yes, there’s an artist application on their site Fill it out, It does not hurt and you never know you may actually get approved that way. The second way to get on Spinrilla is really to just network with the staff or the owners. You should be networking anyway But by networking with people who own these platforms that you wan na get on. You should have no problem getting on just based off of friendships alone.

You may be able to get a discount, or sometimes you may even be able to strike a partnership with them, and you know it’s a win-win for both of you and you don’t even have to pay cash to get on If you’re networking with these people for The sole intent of getting something out of the relationship then you’re networking for the wrong reasons. You should never ask somebody for anything before you add value to their life. First, You need to help them in an area that they need help in before asking them. For anything, And the third way to get your mixtape on Spinrilla is just to build your brand and have them come to you.

You feel me Like when they come to you. You now have leverage, Because now they want you on their site because you’re helping them. So now you can negotiate, maybe better placement on the site or whatever packages they may offer you And the tip I have for most artists is to not be lazy. I mean getting your music on these platforms will not be as easy as creating an account and then uploading it or whatever, But you need to be persistent. So if you’re filling out the form and you’re not getting access to upload your mixtape well, then you need to call them or you need to email them. You need to find somebody’s contact info and email them And if they don’t respond, you need to follow-up a week later And if they do respond, you need to respond within five minutes.

You need to let these people know that you’re serious about your career, because nobody is gon na. Take you serious if you do not take you serious And that my friends is how you get your mixtape on Spinrilla. Please feel free to share this video post it on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube well, it’s already on YouTube but any other place And check out for more music promotion tips and business. Advice…

February 9, 2021