Have you been wondering how to kickstart your personal styling career? Having worked in a styling industry for 15 years, I know exactly how to get you started as a personal stylist , you will understand and have the strategy and clear idea how to become a personal stylist. Even if you live in a small city,

Hi, my name is Basia Richard and I help aspiring stylists enter the styling industry. If you want to learn what are the steps to kick off your styling career keep on watching Tip number one educate yourself now, As a personal stylist, you will be advising your clients on what to wear and what looks fit them best Now in order to serve Your clients, the best you want to know everything about body, shapes colors, fits and fabrics.

Now, the best way to educate yourself is to grab a few books. I’M going to show you my favorite book. So first of the book I want to show you is called Your Fashion Guide Based on Body Shape & The Space Of The Waist. So this book is really going to talk about different type of body shapes It’s a really great resource. I’M going to show you …, You see great, very straightforward pictures. Gon na explain to you all different type of body shapes, But this book also going to learn. … You’re going to learn from this book how to properly measure your client, which is actually really helpful Now the second book is called The Pocket Stylist and this book really gon na walk you through this whole process of working with your clients, So starting with … You’Re gon na still learn about body shades, but then you’re gon na learn about all different types of looks. Show Me Your Closet, How to rate a closet how to shop properly working with your Tailor. …

Seamstress, So this is a great resource book, A lot of great tips and advices, So I would grab those two books and I’m going to link it in a description below Now. When you have all the knowledge, it is a good idea to practice on your friends and family. Now do a small make over for your mom dad friend sister. Whoever will be available. You want to put all your knowledge into practice Now, the more you do it. The more you’ll feel comfortable and you are going to be ready for your clients. Now by practicing, you will gain all the confidence You need that confidence before you’re gon na start working with your real clients. Now the best one is to implementing everything you will learn from all those books that I just show you a second ago, So you want to start with practicing doing consultations. So even though you’re going to go do a consultation with your mom or your friend …. Now the idea is to practice as much as you can. So when you start working with your real clients, it is like a breeze

So you won’t feel, like you, have never done it before Tip number two create your services Now, the best way to go about it is to do a simple research and see what other stylists in your area are offering as far as their service simple process … And you want to just go online and do our research. So let’s just go onto my computer and let’s just do it together: Okay, because I’m based in Los Angeles, I want to research, personal stylists in different city. Just for the sake of this exercise, just to show you how to do this, research

So let’s say we’re going to go to Seattle, Seattle, personal stylist, And, let’s see some of those results, So Yelp is first, let’s go to this one. So what do you want to do is to go to women’s services and see exactly what other personal stylists are offering? There are tons of packages here, So you really want to go through all this and see what all those packages include …, What type of services And see exactly what are the prices for each and every one?


So you want to do as many as you can. So, let’s go to this one … same thing: Here we go styling services, … the same thing You want to go and see what this particular stylist has to offer. There’s a Style 360 Package for $ 1,950. You want to really read and see what this package includes So based on your research … different stylists in your area. …, you want to create your own services. If you want to create packages great, If you want to create services and charge hourly rate, that’s great as well, So the more you’re gon na do research, the easier it’s gon na be for you to really understand how to create your services. Now you do not want to copy anyone, You do not want to take literally the package from some other stylists and create something literally the same. This is just an exercise for you to just understand and see what other stylists are offering.

So now you know how to do the research. You should do a research in your own area and based on that create your own services And obviously you don’t wan na copy anyone. It just gives you an idea exactly what other stylists are offering. What type of services they have Now certain stylists are going to be charging their clients per package. So package can be, let’s say, a closet, detox and, let’s say shopping for a new wardrobe, But they can also charge their client per hour. It all depends. This is something that you can just decide on your own. You want to study those services and come up with the best offer. That’S going to fit your business and your ideal client Tip number three get your name out there. Now, if people don’t know about you, they can’t hire you Period Now start with social media, Create either videos with tips or blog posts and give you audience free value.

So do a quick tips on body shapes …, maybe on trends or how to style, floral blouses. The key is to give as much value as you can. You should post it on Facebook fan page on your Instagram, exactly where you have an audience Now, don’t be shy. … think that people will find you They won’t. You have to put yourself out there to attract your clients, There’s no other way By creating great value and content by giving tips and advices. You will warm up your audience and position yourself as an expert, So your potential client will know exactly who you are what you do and will already know about you well enough to hire. You Tip number four networking Now that you have your offer and are ready to start creating looks for your clients. Networking will be part of getting new clients in. The best way is to get your clients for a word of mouth. So if you could be referred to your new potential clients for family or friends, that’s probably the easiest way to land your clients.

Now, aside from the referral, attending parties and networking with people is a part of getting yourself out there and meeting new people who can potentially become your clients. So the one thing when you go to those networking parties … Make sure that number one you can don’t sell yourself right away. You go there to meet people to socialize, create relationship, and that’s your goal So now find something you guys might have in common. Just makes friends, There is one thing you don’t want to go with this attitude. “ Hire me !”. It will be just so uncomfortable …, Just to think about it, for you and the people you’re going to meet So you wan na network and don’t put any pressure on yourself Now. Number two thing always follow up and stay in touch. The last thing you should do is ignore them. You just meet new people who can become your clients, maybe one day and you’re ignoring them Always follow up Tip number five get a mentor Now. This is what I did before. I entered the styling industry.

I had the all the qualifications in order to style, so I knew all about body types: colors, designers, But I had no idea … anything about the styling industry. So, by working with a mentor who showed me all the ropes and helped me understanding the industry and what steps to take and how to get in and actually start working. So without my mentor, I would probably be still in the same process and trying to figure out everything on my own. So she also helped me to stay, focused and really directed me. What to do next And I wouldn’t be making any mistakes as far as what should be my next step, And what should I not do So? This was the best experience I had, because not only I was guided by a senior stylist, but I knew exactly what I was supposed to do. You enter the styling industry.

February 7, 2021