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Whats up guys today, we’re gon na talk about your graphic design career? What type of jobs you can get in the industry? How much money they pay are most importantly, which one’s right for you, Let’s go What’s up guys today, We’ve got a great lesson. I’M really excited to help you try and craft your design career. A lot of people come to me in this area. Okay, I’m doing this degree or I’m studying graphic design. I went to university to study graphic design myself Or you might not be going to university, but you might want a career in graphic design and it’s such a broad term. People are like, Oh, what type of jobs can I get So in this video? I’M going to talk about. I’Ve worked in quite a lot of different types of jobs within graphic design. I’M going to talk about which ones make you money, which ones are good for hobbies, which ones have easier career paths, and Hopefully a lot of information that no one else or everyone else is a bit too scared to teach you So jump in straighten. Let the first thing, the most important thing for you: if you’re looking for a career in graphic design, is to get on LinkedIn Right now, I’ve been on LinkedIn for about five years and I don’t know Mike Every single job offer in the past five six years.

I’Ve had free, LinkedIn is a place, it’s actually growing. The Contents can walk better on LinkedIn at the moment and it’s a place to promote yourself as a designer, but Create self-profile. Doesn’T matter If you have no connections. Add me, as your first connection to get you started the search for my name. I accept everyone around me and what you can do is start building out your profile and then any work that you do start adding it into there and maybe send out a couple of Status updates any anywhere to post it in the message. Feed LinkedIn is probably the best place now. Its kind of like Facebook was ten years ago.

Where There’s loads of people on there and a lot of them are recruiters looking for people to find jobs, That’s solely where they go and There’s not enough content on there. So you can’t go on Facebook posting it go out to ten thousand people with a hashtag of design, but on LinkedIn you can so LinkedIn is where you’re gon na get job offers from. So Will my talk a bit more about it in a sec, but this is my profile. I think I’ve got like 20,000 people on LinkedIn now, over ten years I just everyone. Anyone who’s interested in design.

I add on my work experience in there. I add I said So. If you’re looking for a job, I’d search for a recruiter and then I’d go down, it add anyone who looks like recruiters the word that they use for like headhunters, and I doubt anyone that looked like they were Crucified assign company that I wanted to work for. So that’s and then you can just talk to them and then that’s Mostly how you get a job or you can even email art directors and get some work experience, which is my number one Tip fair view. One job do some work experience. First,

I did work experience in vogue. I was lucky enough to get a placement there, But because I went to the company make connections and other magazines, I managed to land myself a job in Wired, basically with no competition, Because they knew me – and I was the first person in the door. Lets just take a look at this, so I was googling graphic design, jobs on Google and take a look at what people ask. So these are the type of jobs that you can get and we’ll go through a few of the ones that I think are relevant. So What I do at the moment is I’m a UX UI designer and that’s a graphic designer who works on the web and do Builds websites. So if we, if we have a look over of be hunting, I’ll show you some of the stuff that we do you just type in you can just type in Any search term in here, but UX you’ll see here’s some UF projects here and what we do If we do all The visual style and for websites, but also how users use The website and there’s a lot of psychology involved?

So a lot of our designers low-fidelity. So that means that it’s just You know, there’s not even Any colors in it or Detail in it. A lot of it is thinking and UX and UI are a type of graphic design and it’s probably the most viable career path. At the moment, it’s certainly the most well paying, and the reason for that is because, If you make a change on a website When you’re working in your action, You are, you could simplify a process or change the call on a button that could have a dramatic Impact on the business’s revenue So say you worked on a website for a bank and say You changed the color of a bottom from green to blue Psychologically. That might be something different to the user.

I’Ve got another video to mother psychology of colors. What have you on the stander and then you might get instead of one person clicking free, you might get free and then that could Over a billion people that could like dramatically impact the business’s revenue So UX and UI are the most commercially viable. Why I see at the moments of getting into graphic design? It’S not the only way so we’ll talk about a few of us, So there’s art, director and creative director, and they can be applied to loads of different things. So let me just find a magazine design. So I started my career in magazine, design and publish it, so you could be a designer for a book or print magazine and You work in a dope.

So we use Adobe programs in pretty much every field here, So a creative Subscription Creative Cloud subscription. I think I pay fair to pound them Um for mine in the UK. Its well wafer, because you’ll, if you just get into graphic design, you both experiment with all these different programs or even just get a free trial Or magazine design, is working in design.

They need to know about typography, They need to understand Photography to a certain extent and it’s quite a rewarding job, Because you actually get to see what you design like. I could see you’re part of designer magazine three months ahead, But when it finally gets delivered and you get to see it in print, it’s a it’s probably most satisfaction. I’Ve had in my career as a designer at the moment. You know when you design on websites you you don’t really get that satisfaction because everything’s on screen, whereas when you design in print it’s a You know it just it just feels real and create the director and art director are so or not. So you start off as a designer and you’ll be design page starts, then an art director What might be in charge of Five or six designers and they’ll have the overall vision for the website.

So they might decide to choose the typography or The color scheme, or they might have more of a say on the cover, and then a creative director is There’s only one pair magazines. There might be a couple of our directors, depending on how big the magazine is. As well, some magazines might not have at that but certainly invoke the credit directors. The person who goes on the sets and looks at the photography and where should the Survivors type in birth magazine, The creative director will to be the one will go on set. He or she’ll work with the photographer

They all choose the right image, They’ll work of the people in the business as well to say you know, let’s, let’s Change this image that because you need to work with people inside You know the magazines make business decisions as well, So that all comes on the Creators of their actor, So that’s certainly a way you can go, but you can also be So. Lets take a look, So one of the thing I wanted to show you was: you could also be an art director and create director within an agency. So I used to work for spring studios and you’ll, find these agencies everywhere in every setting And what they do is so spring studios doesn’t just do websites for companies. It does photography.

It does Apps, it does basically every type of art that you can imagine. So, if you’re, a new graphic designer I’d say, maybe think about going at least doing some work experience, Maybe going to try and find your job in an agency normally the smaller. So if you make a personal relationship with someone at the agency, It’ll put your well ahead and the less strict on like the hiring guidelines and things like that. But I’ve made so you’ll be working on multiple projects at the same time and You’ll be working for big companies. So when I was a spring that did some work for Max Mara, I’ll, just I’ll show you some of the work I did so I Did. This is spring, so I worked on the website for Max Mara, But I also got to go on the photo shoot as well.

So they had in these amazing It basically started out as a photography studio, but they had all we did all the product shots. So, not only did we do a graphic design for the website. We did all the photography that goes in it, but I was working on that project. I was working on a project for Canali, which is an Italian suit manufacturer. At the same time, We did videos for them wired. I got to go on video shoots So sometimes when you work with these smaller companies or Not a big company like the BBC you’ll get a you know, You might get to go on some of this footage. So you, if you view, certainly show an interesting that you might get to go along Some of these lines and within these companies I was a. I was a senior designer

So there’s a designer I Worked with, but then I also had an art director and then the whole place had a creative director Who was the same. One is when I worked in vogue. So that’s how I ended up in spring studios He’s a he’s. One of the world’s best designers – and I learned a lot from him, His name’s Robin Derek, So you might want to check some of his work out, But you know you might want to you might want to do some of that. So I’d say if you want to be an art director of creative director, Think about working at magazines and agencies and the one thing I’d probably advise. If you’re gon na work in magazines You’re certainly not going to be a millionaire


They, I Guess, maybe because the design doesn’t impact the revenue to companies much. They certainly don’t pay as well as web design, which Is probably the best pain-filled. If you, if you, if you just solely to think about money, going into graphic design, It’s a they do. Some great salaries, especially we go over to California – that’s where all the big jobs are, but they’re sending jobs in Berlin and Normally I think you get paid a lower higher working directly for a client, so Not with an agency part of an agency. You’Ll, get you become a more rounded designer, So it’s good to do for a little bit. I think, I think they both have the pros and cons. So what else can you do so? You could also go into 3d design. I wanted to show you some of the work ma’am, my friend, ed a University, so my friends called Liam Keaton and he’s probably the number one 3d modeler in Google Sketchup in the world. So he’s gone on to do some great things:

He’S spoken at a conference in China, But yeah we were best friends in University, So check out his website. Robots vs. Dinosaurs comm. He works a Volvo now, so he does some great work for like Designing. He uses 3d models to design like trucks Like this is all his work. He figures design and The graphics that go on the side, the trucks Yeah so there’s some of the stuff easier for Volvo. But what I got him some work for Wired magazine Back in the day.

So he some he did some 3d designs that went on to Went into the magazine, which is great, and if you go into like 3d modeling, you can also get jobs Like more commercial jobs, working for like real estate agents or designing houses and architectural type Jobs. So with so, this is all done. The program called Google Sketchup and you can see it. Its actually quite architectural in some of his designs, But he’s also done More fun stuff and he’s done some work for games And what’s this Benfica FC, look at all that that’s Yeah, he does some cool stuff, but yeah check check him out. That’S robots, better dinosaurs. So that’s if you want to go if you’re interested in more google sketchup type of graphic design – and you want to go into that – That’s a cool poster that he’s done. So, let’s have a look. What else you can do yeah? You can go into film and editing, So I wanted to show you this website of a company I worked with, to this is called territory studios.

I worked with them when I was in vogue about ten years ago And they did some animations for us. I just wanted to show you some of the work that they do so you could work in Adobe After Effects. You could work in Adobe Premiere and do all this type of motion stuff, and then you could work possibly for a company like the territory studios or the BBC, putting together TV programs. This motion is a big form of graphic design like I do it. For my YouTube channel, but I also am trying for bitten To my day job. Sometimes when we present work, I might make a video. I might. I think it’s a good skill to have – and I know it’s a very rewarding career if it’s something that you’re interested in you want to wear em And you want to go in, there’s, certainly a lot of jobs in the northwest of England with the BBC there. If you want to go into something like this, but what they do is they do like introductions for films, and you know the the post products is a blade for the ax stuff that they did. So You know when you see all the computers swirling around and James Bond and all this 3d stuff this sword on Adobe After and this company specifically Works in this, but all films look for companies to do this type of graphics So take out territory studio. If you want some inspiration on some Ideas, some stuff for the Martian as well

So yeah, I mean, this is so cool Look what they look at the type of stuff that they get to design so You know some of the stuff early and it might be this but these guys might animator into a big Into a big film so you can see the crossover here. Mm-hmm in a lot of these fields Then you might go into so let’s take a look some illustration so one of my pet projects Was I love football and I put it together a magazine I also worked and for every article I’ve worked with the illustrator from around the world and got Illustrations on I just wanted to show you my favorite illustrator his name Stanley Chow.

I worked with him when we did Some football stuff, but he’s got like he’s got his own style. This is all done. Adobe illustrator He’s got like this. I don’t notice almost like It’s almost like a retro style, but he did aidid the cover for this magazine. For me, and People like Magazine, art directors will work with illustrators. You know realist. Readers can get jobs doing quite a lot of different things And I know like logo design is really popular. Let me go search for that again, But if you’re an illustrator, what I definitely advise you to do is get them Behance, So be hunters a place where Ice and certainly a lot of art directors go to find people to work with, but they also go to Havel, It’s kinda like a portfolio for your own work or like pear project, and you can get it You can get like. I think, Adobe and be handsome, I’m not sure on that, but you can like appreciating over work, It’s kind of like a social media. You know for people’s work and you can see what programs that the years you can follow and find Designers. You can kind of get ideas for styles that people are doing some inspiration on there So check out be hunting, one of a bit of advice,

I wanted to give you was get your own Get your own websites as well, So you can put your projects on behance but just get a simple website Where you can send people so check out poll portfolio that Adobe comp. It comes with your creative Subscription and what you can do is you can just continue and then you can make a single page website or a gallery of work. You can choose like a layout that you want, So you might do something like that And what are they saying? Its like one of these websites, builders like Squarespace Or Wix or other ones, but you don’t want to spend You want to spend your time doing the work rather than present in the work. Unless you go into web design. I think just to keep things simple.

So you see this, this is actually pulled in all my work to be hunted because of their e-portfolio is It’ll, be must own balance, but I’ve like I’ll support work on there and then it’s it’s created this for me, which is a lot less of a preview. So it looks like, But you know the amount of time and effort that you’d go to making your own website get it be handsome profile, stop building it up and then just Gathered there’ll be a portfolio, make a simple website and then know if I was looking for A designer I like an ice cream site, I’m Super happy of this. I made that like five seconds But yeah. Okay, So get yourself a LinkedIn profile and put your website on there And then you know you can go into animation as well. Kind of you know like illustration before, but free goods really modeling animation, like films, like Toy Story that might be another place, you can go so you can see. There’S there’re lots and lots of. Ah, the last one I wanted to show you can be a photographer as well.

So That’s another type of graphic design, So I did, I mainly focused on photography when I was in university. I when I went to Vogue I found out where the post-production and be like down the road in a when I was cheekily and asked for some work. Experience there – and This is one of the greatest photographers in the world – his name was Nick Knight. He does a lot of stuff vogue, but you see this picture here, I remember being in the actual studio when he came in and he was doing that he was like drawing on it with a For the post-production guys to go in and Photoshop there and that’s You know it’s a it’s one of his most famous images, but I remember that being quite a moment when I was 80 and 90 in to See Nick and I wish it would have went up and talked to him, but just to see him come in and See and where I can see how these actual images are made, That was great

Yeah, you can go into photography and going and being like fashion photographer. Maybe don’t do a whole bunch of things. Don’T be a jack-of-all-trades, be a You know. A master of one choose fashion: choose If you want to go and do nature, photography go and do that to be the best in the world at that go and do And the more photography you know you might work with the BBC on stuff that they’ve Latin brothers. So you know there’s all these type of jobs, but for all of them, You’re all going to get your job offers for lengthen You’re all going to need a website and You’re all Gon na You know need to self promote yourself and that’s where YouTube comes in

So get on YouTube Doesn’t matter view. Videos are no good Share. Your journey shared learn in the process share a day in the life here behind the scenes and you’ll start to get fans and by forcing yourself to Present your work and talk about your work. It’Ll make you more confident for when you go for job interviews and You might even get some connections through there. So I hope I’ve shared some information with you to check on school, that Anthony comm boy, calm,

I’Ll just quickly, I’ve got it somewhere up here And what I’ve got is about a free course on there called UX, UI design fundamentals, It’s about an hour, You’ll, learn all the basics of weather design, web development.

February 10, 2021