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Content writing job as a freelance career

Now it’s time for people to think about the benefits of working from home. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you can make a living. Am actually thinking that is the most important thing and the main reason why we are all working. If you are working, there’s no noticeable difference between someone who is working under supervision and someone who is working as their own boss.
Working as a Freelance writer gives you a chance to take breaks the way you want and at the same time wear what you like wearing the most. Working as a Freelance writer also saves you money and time from commuting. You can work from the bed, table room or even in the garden, no one will ask you a single question.
Working in the city is expensive. Imagine the amount of money you spend as fair and the money you spend on lunches. As a matter of fact, lunch can be expensive in some of the work areas. At home, you can save a lot because you will just have to go to the store and prepare food for yourself.

Why is content writing the best career for you?

The internet is a one stop source of educative content from travel, package news, medical prescriptions, shopping and repairs. Since we live in the information age, we can both attest that people need a lot of information in the internet. Have you ever asked yourself where that data comes from? Who writes this content and do they make a significant amount of money in the process of writing such information? Well, this information comes from a group of professionals who are together known as Content writers.

What  content writing ?

The information shared above can clearly paint the picture of who a content writer is. These are professionals who create appropriate content that is later utilized in the internet. They write helpful websites and blog posts that people need in the internet.
They are a target by the companies that wants to attract and engage potential customers in their website. Content writers feature articles about that particular product and the services that the company offers which ends up attracting potential customers.

Can you be a content writer?

Being a content writer seems like a specifically overwhelming career but if you have the right information and guidance, it’s a little simple. However, I will not close the session without stating that the career is a good match for people that knows how to express their thoughts and bring out that creativity in them.

What do you need to be a good content writer?

As I had already stated, being a good content writer may seem very difficult especially to beginners. However, if you have the following skills and talents, you can easily climb up the ladder.
Good language skills-I will not specialize to say that you should be well versed in English. The language you write on should be flowing and at your fingernails. Though, English blogs and posts are in high demand today. This is a clear indication that if you want to be specifically successful in this, you should be well versed with English language. Gramma and Vocabularies should be a walk in the park.
Be creative-Every successful content writer possesses some creative and critical thinking skills. As a matter of fact, you will need to help people solve problems and at the same time be at a position to offer reliable solutions. If you are not creative enough, then you may fail to clearly show people what is in your head.
Be self-driven-This is a personal trait that will help you make more money on this industry. Nobody will come to tell you when you should work and when you should take breaks. It’s up to you to make sure you have self-discipline. Your clients wants to receive content on time and if you cannot meet that, then most of them will leave your services for better deals.
Have good research skills-In content writing, most of the times you will receive requests to write about topics you are not well versed on. In this regard, you should have good research skills. This will ease your work and make it simple and easy for you to research and write about the topics.
SEO knowledge-This is the most important thing that either grows or kills a website. As a content writer, you should be well-versed with keywords and Hashtags to be sure you have a clear copy of what the website will be tomorrow.

How to start as a content writer?

If you already have all the skills stated above and you are ready to start as a content writer, then don’t worry much. At this point in time, I will guide you on how to start as a content writer.
Determine a good website to build your skills with
The best thing about content writing jobs is that there are several Freelance sites which help people to get clients. This is the first thing that you should do. Join UdYamJob and later describe what you do the best. Now market your Gig and clients will be all over looking for you. Other 

Build a starter portfolio

Many starters are struggling much about what steps they should take first. The reality is that it’s very hard to start getting writing jobs if you don’t have a portfolio and at the same time, you cannot build a portfolio without a writing job.

Now invest on yourself

It’s now time to scale what you know and learn for the betterment of tomorrow. As you start, you will make a couple of mistakes, however, if you learn to get insights from those mistakes and eventually correct them, success will come knocking.

Network, Network, Network

As an online writer, you don’t have to network in person. There are lots of other ways that you can network online and end up getting more clients.
Never give up
As a freelancer, you will encounter many challenges along the way. There are those dark days when you won’t get even a single job and those others that you will have a pool of orders. The secrete here is to never give up.

July 18, 2019