5 types of animation video that you can use for your brand promotion

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The purpose of this guide is to take you through the vast array of possibilities present within the animation industry. Animating videos is basically the concept of bringing ideas to life by giving them physical forms through visual effects and graphic designs, in motion.

Here are the 5 types of animation that you should know about;

  1. Traditional animation:

Traditional animation is also known as animation; it is one of the oldest forms of animation that has been in use since the very beginning of media industry. Disney used to incorporate traditional animation in their movies; animators are required to build each frame individually in manner to set them in a sequence and create whole scenes. If you have ever come across flip books, you’ll notice how the character or an object within the book moves as each page flips. That’s exactly how the traditional animation works, sequential drawings transition systematically, and when attached together they create an illusion like movement.

  1. 2D animation:

This style has been in demand in the recent decades die to its accessibility of gadgets that are used to create 2D animation. Flash is one of the programs used to create 2D animations, it is cheap and offers different features. Apart from that, other vector based programs can be used as well.

2D animation is usually used while referring to the traditional animation; it can also indicate towards traditional animation made on gadgets and software’s specially designed for that purpose.

  1. 3D animation:

3D animation is very different from traditional animation. Although they follow the same principles when it comes to movement and composition; it is due to the technical skills that are required to form each of them that sets them apart. 3D animation can also be referred to CGI or CG, it uses computers to generate images for animation. And series of images conjoined together makes up a video.

Although, 3D animation has a lot of similarity with stop motion pictures, as they both use models posing differently in each frame. It’s like breaking down a single movement into different parts. For example, you taking a step is going to be broken down into you raising the leg, your knee moving, you lowering the leg and then you stepping ahead followed by the last frame where your body is going to move ahead completely.

 4. Motion graphics:

Motion graphics is very different from other animations, in motion graphics the character is not story driven but rather the texts or graphic elements in motion. Film openings, animated logos, explainer videos, commercials and television promos are a part of motion graphics.

Motion graphics are translated in a different manner as they don’t require knowledge on body mechanics or acting, they simply depend on compositions and camera motions. The process is linked to programs used since video editing software’s that are used by animation maker online have different UI’s, although the idea behind is the same. Motion graphics usually include texts, images and video clips that are framed to create a smooth movement between them.

  1. Stop motion:

Stop motion is done by taking pictures of objects then moving them little, bit by bit. The process is repeated with each change, eventually played back to give the effect of movement. This is very much similar to traditional animation as it requires changes to be done manually for each frame, several times. The only difference is that stop motion is done through real life materials instead of drawings.

Stop motion means any animation that incorporates objects that are photographed in different forms and states to create a movement. The process itself is pretty lengthy as it required the animator to delicately move the object inch by inch while they capture their pictures for each frame in sequence.

These are five types of animations that you should familiarize yourself with. They are what ground animation industry.

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October 10, 2019